I quit being a real estate agent but I have not quit being a webmaster and owner of a couple blogs. I regularly get people sending me requests for more information about home in my local area. I get requests for most of CT actually. A good protion of them are in Fairfield County and the surroundi...
Do you market your local niches? I have had good success meeting people with real estate niche marketing. I have been operating a website for CT real estate and my highest traffic pages are the ones that are the most specific. It's not because there are a lot of people searching for these niches ...
How many of your clients are hip to quartz countertops? Quartz countertops are a wonderful material and in my opinion they are superior in many ways to granite countertops. My favorite quartz fact is that it is actually more dense than granite countertops. One of the biggest worries from consumer...
In the heart of the town of Stratford on Main Street sits Sterling house behind it's antique iron gate. If you live in Stratford you probably drive by it almost every day. It's a true community center that gives a lot more to the community than it takes. Donate A Basket Of Food To Sterling Houses...
Imagine for a moment that you are looking for a home and you are not a real estate agent. Take off your real estate agent blinders. Try to remember what it was like before you got your license. Let's go back, however many years or months that may be. Do you remember how you felt about real estate...
By Scott Jenkins Do you see any benefit to this For Sale By Owner webpage? Why in the world would I create an article on my website that does not benefit me directly? Because it's good public relations! I believe that everything I do does not have to directly benefit me with a sale or a new listi...
Quick story. An amazing experience I had the good fortune of being a part of.I went to a wake on Friday night. Wifes great aunt. Run of the mill old lady wake. Constant slow flow of mourners. I never met her and she had been in a home for a long time but I was there for my wife and to pay respect...
I was absolutely devastated to abandon my hometown of Norwalk and move to Stratford in the summer of 2003. I just couldn't afford to purchase a home there and unless you are reading this blog ten years in the future, I probably still can't now. However, years later, I have no complaints other tha...

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