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A Seller was wondering if they should not sell, as Home Values would soon decrease due to the sharp drop in stocks. This was Tuesday morning. My reply was that stocks have wild swings due to events but they always have bounced back in the last 7 years to where they started. He was not hearing it,...
There is much hype about a new service promising all Sellers a FREE listing in the MLS. Although some people are jumping at this offer with both feet, the questions is WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT? The Hard truth is that in today's market, it is is easier to find someone willing to buy than to close t...
A FSBO Seller called for some help. A Buyer put in an offer but did not pay a deposit as they said they do not have money for a deposit to pay with their offer but can come up with it all at closing. The For Sale by Owner Seller just happy to have an offer accepted it. Months later they still hav...
What can a Buyer look at and what can they not? Should home buyers be able to open closet doors? How about kitchen cabinets? I can tell you most buyers want to see everything. So when showing homes over the weekend, a buyer who I am working as their buyer agent for, wanted to see a new listing. T...
One of the most requested things from buyers is a home with a large master bedroom. However some mandate it have a bathroom, some mandate it has a walk in closet and still others demand both.  What do you think is a must for a home?  THE BOTTOM LINE Is that Home Buyers often provide a list of wha...
How reasonable is it for a Home Buyer to ask for carpeting to be replaced if the seller has pets? The answer will depend if you are the Seller or the Buyer. The seller may not find it reasonable to replace newer carpets. A buyer who has pet allergies may think it is a Must. The bottom line is how...
A Home Buyer was interviewing me to be their Buyer Broker, they asked "What is the average time a buyer takes to make an offer on a home?" An unusual question as nearly every buyer is different. The answer is "it depends". Some buyers make an offer on the first home they see. Others have to see 4...
Home Sellers usually LOVE showings however when no offers come in, should they be concerned? This home had been on the market 3 months with a National company. The amount of showings were "off the chart" stated the owner. But they got one low ball offer and that is it. They reduced the price 3 ti...
With the temperature hitting 90 here and over 100 in much of the country it is pool season. Buyers who love pools can not get enough listings to go see. Those who do not like pools, are now looking at homes with pools, as there is a shortage of homes for sale, and they will deal with the pool lat...
Never mind the chicken and egg question, what is more important? Having a Buyer client or Having a Home listed for sale? Some will say you can not sell a home without a buyer. While others will say you can not sell a buyer a home with out a home listed for sale? The question was inspired through ...

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One of Manchester NH's Leading Agents
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