free: WHEN is an OFFER really an OFFER when it comes to buying a home? - 11/28/15 05:53 AM
How do you know if an offer is a GOOD offer when it comes to buying a home? How do you know the Buyer is Serious? How about Real? These are all questions Manchester NH area Home Sellers ask.
A local home owner was selling his home himself. The phone rings... A buyer came through the home and said they would buy if the home was painted, so he painted. The buyer never came back. Then another buyer said they would buy if the home had new carpets. He replaces the carpets but the buyer never buys.  The other day a … (7 comments)

free: What does SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY mean for Real Estate? - 11/28/15 05:29 AM
Did you see it on TV? Today is SHOP LOCAL DAY - Small Business Saturday. DO you know that this is also a good day to remind consumers that their are other LOCAL companies that you should shop at or use. Not all sell a product, but some sell a service. Restaurants, car repair, Hair Dressers, Barbers, Salons, Spas, Insurance agencies and REAL ESTATE Companies.
Local businesses are the heart of your community. Money spent locally stays local. It was quoted that when you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy another vacation home. You are helping … (18 comments)

free: Why give a pre-approval letter if it doesnt mean the Buyer is approved - 11/27/15 06:07 AM
How do you know if  Home Buyer can get a mortgage or not? Why are Buyers given a pre-approval if they were not actually approved for a loan? The CONFUSION starts that they actually got a "PRE-QUALIFICATION" Letter and not a pre-approval. Many buyers and sellers are confused by the two terms. This sellers sale fell through because the Buyer could not get a mortgage and had a generic pre-qual letter from an internet mortgage company that wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.  
A pre-Qualification usually only looks at the buyers credit score and uses what the buyer states their income and … (31 comments)

free: Granite Hills Condominium SOLD and CLOSED - November 2015 - 11/25/15 03:32 PM
PUBLIC NOTICE Unit 159 in the Desired GRANITE HILLS CONDOMINIUMS has SOLD and CLOSED. WIth multiple offers coming in, WE NEED MORE CONDOS to Sell. Now may be the time to list as Buyers are still looking. Get a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS by emailing today to find out what your home may be worth in today's market.
This end Unit Townhouse style unit has a finished loft and loaded with bright windows. If you are looking for a condominium, let me introduce to you GRANITE HILLS CONDOMINIUMS located in HOOKSETT NH is a desired community of Townhouse style Condominiums. Located in … (3 comments)

free: What is more important? What a Buyer LOVES or What they HATE? - 11/25/15 05:29 AM
Is it more important to stress what a Home buyer LOVES or what they really DO NOT WANT? Before and while looking at homes it is important to narrow down which homes to see. With a shortage of homes For Sale in some areas such as the MANCHESTER NH area, if you waste time liking at homes that you do not like, you may miss out on one that you do.
Some Buyers may want to see everything. Some may only want to see exactly what they want. Others may want to see everything except a certain style, size, … (10 comments)

free: TOP 5 MYTHS in Real Estate you can be Thankful for they are NOT TRUE - 11/24/15 05:55 AM
Are Reality shows causing confusion in Real Estate? There is NO doubt that Home Buyers, Sellers and even some agents are confused with TODAY'S Real Estate Market. Who to believe? Who to listen to? There are conflicting stories not only in the MANCHESTER NH area market but with the national news media as well. Some of the most common questions are WHY their neighbors home sold and theirs did not. Buyers want to know why their offer was not accepted. Confusion is taking over..
Buyers and Sellers want to know what is the real story with TODAY'S Real Estate Market.The one thing … (13 comments)

free: NEW LISTING BANK OWNED Listing in Merrimack NH - 11/23/15 06:01 AM
Just listed this 3 Bedroom Split level Home priced for a quick sale. This home featured a finished lower level, 1 car garage and 2 fireplaces. The home is ready for your finishing touches.
The Godzyk Real Estate Services is proud to be a Leading Real Estate Agent servicing this community. Please contact SCOTT GODZYK of the Godzyk Real Estate Services if you are Looking to Buy or Sell a Home in this wonderful Neighborhood.

7 rooms
3 Bedrooms
1 1/2 Baths
Sliders to Deck
Built 1970
1236 sf (1697 w/fin basement)
0.72 Acre Lot
Please call for other details
SOLD AS IS, all offers … (8 comments)

free: The TOP 5 things you NEVER want to hear before a Real Estate Closing - 11/21/15 06:09 AM
Is there such thing as an EASY sale? Some days it is easier to find a Buyer than it is to get a home to close these days. As we approach Thanksgiving in the Manchester NH area you will be Thankful if you do not get a call with the following issues before your Real Estate transaction closes. Some items may be funny but do happen.
1. The Buyers Earnest Money Deposit check bounced.
2. The Appraisal came back $20,000 lower than the sales price.
3. Your mortgage company just lost your file "again".
4. The … (21 comments)

free: The TOP 5 Reasons you may have Hired the WRONG Buyer broker - 11/20/15 05:59 AM
Have you niticed when things go right in Real Estate, not many people notice. But when things go wrong, especially for a Buyer, it could mean you may have just lost your Dream Home. As we approach Thanksgiving you will be Thankful if you did not hire the WRONG Buyer Broker to assist you in Buying a home. Some items may be funny but do happen.
1. The Buyer Agent sends you too look at homes on your own.
2. The Buyer Agent thought it would be a good idea to … (11 comments)

free: TOP 10 phrases your thankful you dont see in a MLS Listings comments - 11/19/15 06:46 AM
Do you get scared easily? There are certain phrases or words that may make you want to run, far away when you see them in a MLS Listings comments. When reviewing homes that have not sold, many home Sellers here in the Manchester NH area often ask why their home did not sell. Some times the answer as easy as looking up their listing in the MLS.
You may wonder if they really thought about what they were writing or did they think too much?
Please check them out and leave a comment what your vote is.
THE TOP COMMENTS IN A … (30 comments)

free: The TOP 10 Words you may be Thankful you never hear in Real Estate - 11/18/15 05:31 AM
There are certain words and phrases you may never want to hear in Real Estate. They strike fear into Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents alike. Here in the Manchester NH area it is my goal to educate you on what to look out for. Some may be light-hearted with others more serious, with the bottom line being that you do not want to learn these the hard way. Being on top of every sale or purchase can head off most of these.
Please check them out and leave a comment what your vote is.

free: Should Home Sellers get upset when a Buyer "No Shows" ? - 11/12/15 05:00 AM
"What did we do wrong that a buyer and their agent did not show up for their 5pm showing" asked a Manchester NH area Home Seller.  Unfortunately it does happen when selling a home and this seller was went from why to very angry very quick. After all they put everything away they use in their daily life's. They cleaned the home, packed up the family and headed out so the buyer could see the home.
However no one showed up. No one called. An hour later they went home and noticed no one had been there. The family files back into the home. … (21 comments)

free: Should a Home Seller include a Hot Tub with their sale? - 11/11/15 05:27 AM
Is there any value for a seller to include an outdoor hot tub with their home sale? A Manchester NH area Home Seller had their home listed with a national firm, had offers, but all fell through. He had a very large list of items that were not going to be included in the sale of the home, except he said every buyer asked for them anyway. My first thought was, "if these items were not to be included, why were they not removed before buyers started looking at the home?"
The Seller says he didn't know he could do that. He also said he may include … (10 comments)

free: How many times can a Home Buyer Look at a home? - 11/10/15 05:04 AM
Is there a Limit how many times a Buyer can view a home For Sale? That was a question from a Manchester NH area Home Buyer. My first thought was, "perhaps you should view it initially to see if you like it." There is no limit how many times you see if it is reasonable. The however is a buyer should be pre-qualified as well as being ready, willing and able to purchase a home.
A home seller will not want a person viewing their home that can not get a mortgage or is not ready to purchase. This question comes to light as some listing agents … (12 comments)

free: What are the steps a Buyer needs to take after the offer is accepted? - 11/09/15 05:39 AM
My offer was accepted, what do I do now? It was a shocking question to be asked as I am the Listing agent and the Buyer as their own Buyer broker for the purchase of this Manchester NH area Home. My first question was, "didn't your Buyer Agent go over this with you?" No, replied the buyer. "Did you ask them this same question?" I asked. "Yes but they have not returned my call" they replied.
I must have let out a long sigh as I looked up who the buyer agent was on this deal. Seeing the name. I understood the buyers problem. The answer to … (7 comments)

free: Is it LEGAL for a Seller to accept an offer before responding others - 11/08/15 05:36 AM
Can a Seller accept an offer without even responding to any other offers submitted? That was a question by a Manchester NH area Home Buyer whose offer was not accepted.  What the Buyer did not realize, is there is no law that a home owner has to respond to all offers before accepting one. The law does state the listing agent has to submit all offer to the seller, but there is no law on which offer or in what order they can accept one.
In most cases if multiple offers, a seller will then ask for every buyer to put in their highest and … (29 comments)

free: Should a Seller PAY FOR the Buyers Home Inspection? - 11/06/15 05:25 AM
Whose responsibility is to pay for the Home Inspection? What seems like an easy question, has 2 buyers this month already submit offers stating the seller should pay for the buyers home inspection on the Manchester NH area home they were interested. They were 2 different homes, 2 different buyers but the same buyer broker. It lead me to believe this agent was taught this. I have never seen it before and then today there was a question in the Active Rain Q and A that was similar. It will be interested if anyone else ever seen this trend. 
The first thing to note is … (22 comments)

free: What criteria makes a room a Bedroom? - 11/05/15 05:16 AM
What does it take to be able to call a room a Bedroom? Home Sellers always want to make their homes bigger but what about agents? They should know what criteria is needed to call it a bedroom. When you see an add for a 6 bedroom home, you expect 6 bedrooms. There was a Manchester NH area Home Owner who called who was livid. They were listed with a national franchise and the listing expired after 6 months. They received a letter from me and decided to call me.
Their home was listed as 6 bedrooms and had tons of showings, but every buyer … (24 comments)

free: How Long should an Agent take to get an offer to the Seller? - 11/04/15 05:36 AM
When an offer is submitted by a buyer, what is the average time frame for the listing agent to get it to the seller for an answer? That was a questions from a Manchester NH area Home buyer. The reason was we were putting in offers immediately after seeing new owner occupied listings, but over the last month have noticed the answers take 1 and 2 weeks to hear back.
As a Leading Listing Agent in my area, I feel offers should be presented rather quickly and not held. When it comes to owner occupied homes, i always have a talk with the … (15 comments)

free: Should a Buyer get a Home Inspection or save the $400? - 10/31/15 06:17 AM
What are the BEST WAYS to save money when buying a home? Every buyer wants to save money and get the best deal. Should they skip the Inspection? Well one Buyer came up with a GREAT way to save $400 and that was having UNCLE FRED inspect the home. I quote "He has seen home repairs being done for 50 years".
This was my new listing on a Manchester NH area Home and the Buyer had one of those big name buyer brokers. I always attend home home inspections on my listings, to get a first hand knowledge for my seller what is … (24 comments)

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