free: Should I answer my Phone? - 10/12/15 04:32 PM
Did you work over the Columbus Day Holiday? Most people did not. But I did. The main reason why, was that every one else did not, so that meant a lot of people looking to buy, sell or look at Real Estate. So what do you do when your phone rings? I answered it. Do you know that 6 buyers alone on Sunday thanks me for answering my phone? WHY? Because nearly every other company or agent they called did not. They were so happy for a real person, who gave real answers and that they could call back when needed.
For me … (30 comments)

free: Is it OK for the Home Seller to leave PAINT behind for the Buyer? - 10/11/15 04:17 PM
The Seller said they wanted to do a "FAVOR" for the Buyer and leave them some paint. What is the problem you ask? Well not really sure the buyer wants a can of paint from 1985? Not to mention there was not just 1 but over 2 dozen cans of assorted paint, some dry as a bone and others leaking like a sieve. Throw in a couple of cans of old oil and it is a winner. I just wasn't sure for who?
The problem here in our area is you can not just throw out paint. It is considered hazardous waste. Which is why … (72 comments)

free: What does BROOM CLEAN mean anyway? - 10/11/15 05:34 AM
You may see or read the term BROOM CLEAN in a purchase and sales contract. During a walk through Saturday for a closing next week, the listing agent called to say the seller was out, so the buyer wanted to walk through the home. The seller was out, but some furniture and belongings were not. After a call to the listing agent, their response was "the home was broom clean as per the contract." I let them know sweeping around the furniture they left, was not broom clean.
I List and Sell a lot of Manchester NH area homes, and broom clean has always been … (36 comments)

free: Who works Harder? The Listing Agent or A Buyer Broker? - 10/07/15 05:29 AM
Who is more important in a transaction? The Listing Agent or the Buyer Broker? I walked into a feud, dropping off a contract at a big time Real Estate office, where they were loudly discussing who works harder during the Purchase and Sales of a home? 
I stayed out of it, but can tell you that my answer would be, Both the Listing Agent and the Buyer Brokers jobs are just as important. In a "GOOD" transaction each works equally hard doing the tasks needed to bring about a closing. The problem is when 1 side does not work as hard as … (51 comments)

free: Are OVER PRICED Listings GOOD for anything? - 10/06/15 05:12 AM
A Local agent called to yell at me for writing "bad" about over priced listings. The said they will take every listing at any price and who am I to say otherwise. Yesterday I wrote a blog titled WHY do Real Estate Agents always want Sellers to REDUCE their price? This angry agent at least read my blog.
The BEST response is to write another Active Rain blog with my answer. That answer is Over Priced Listings are a great way to learn a lesson. For those reading this, you may not have to go through it. You see Over priced homes simply … (18 comments)

free: WHY do Real Estate Agents always want Sellers to REDUCE their price? - 10/05/15 06:19 AM
An angry Home Seller fired their agent. They called me wanting to know if all Listing Agents want, is for sellers to keep reducing their price for a quick sale.  Her Manchester NH area Home Listing was on the market for 6 months with a national company. My answer to her was that It was time for some HARD TALK. First a GOOD listing agent does not like to reduce the price of a home ever. They want to price the home right form the start. Second, A quick sale is not in 6 months. A quick sale is in 30 days or … (18 comments)

free: EMERGENCY - What to do if my Zestimate is lower than my asking price? - 10/04/15 01:31 PM
A Home Seller took their home off the market in a panic because the Zestimate on Zillow was much lower than what the asking price to her home was.  Her Manchester NH area Home Listing was not getting any offers and only 1 showing. It was listed with national company. A lady at her beauty saloon gave her a tip to call me. First thing I asked the address and looked up her home in MLS. The problem may not be that Zillow has her home Zestimate too low, that actually may have had zero affect in why her home has not sold. She … (14 comments)

free: Reduced for quick price - Bank Owned Granite Hill Condo - 10/03/15 04:48 AM
Reduced for quick sale, This BANK OWNED end Unit Townhouse style unit has a newer Kitchen, finished loft and loaded with bright windows. If you are looking for a condominium, let me introduce to you GRANITE HILLS CONDOMINIUMS located in HOOKSETT NH is a desired community of Townhouse style Condominiums. Located in a rural setting, it is convenient to to I-93, Schools, Shopping, Restaurants while being located in a neighborhood set back from the road .Look out over the well landscaped area with wooded areas and enjoy everything this area has to offer.
The Godzyk Real Estate Services is proud to … (11 comments)

free: What is the average time frame to obtain a Mortgage? - 10/02/15 05:00 AM
How long does it take to get a mortgage? That is the question a Buyer Agent asked me. Before you shake your head, they submitted an offer on on of my new Manchester NH area Home Listings. It had a closing date of 14 days. At quick glance, GREAT, however under mortgage contingency it had a FHA Mortgage. Red Flag!!!! So I called her and asked how they could close so quick, that is when she hit me with "how long does it take to get a mortgage?" . 
My question is how or why did a buyer hire an agent who does not know this question. … (14 comments)

free: Does this home have a GHOST? Then can you guess what the noise is? - 10/01/15 05:48 AM
This is not a Halloween trick, as there were strange sounds coming from this home. The buyers daughter asked, "Does a ghost live here?" No states the listing agent. "How about a monster then?" Just as she ends her sentence we all hear it. There are noises coming from in between the walls of this Manchester NH area Home. The listing agent who met us to let us in gets very defensive. She storms t the front door, arms crossed huffing and puffing away. As i walk around the corner that is not a ghost, it is a squirrel, and he has … (13 comments)

free: Should you Hire a Buyer Agent to LIST your home? - 09/30/15 06:12 AM
A Home Owner told me they were hiring an Exclusive Buyer agent to list their home because they have more buyers. Today there was a Q and A who would make the best listing agent. Just when  Manchester NH area Home Owners think they can not be more confused, this question comes up.  The answer though is an easy one when you define what the Job of the listing agent is. The Listing Agents job is to attract buyers to your home and get it sold at the best price possible in the quickest amount of time. A Buyer agent may seem to have … (14 comments)

free: What Should an Agent do to get your Home SOLD or find your Dream Home? - 09/27/15 02:54 PM
One of the most asked questions from Buyers or Sellers is "HOW DO I KNOW IF MY AGENT IS GOOD?" It is one of my favorite questions to answer from  Manchester NH area consumers. One of my favorite answers was from a man whose home I sold who said to his neighbor, "If you have to ask if your agent was good or not, they were probably not so good." Having been in the business 29 years, I have come to a conclusion that the BEST SERVICE is one that offers old fashion Personal and Professional Service through each step of the Buying … (12 comments)

free: How many agents does it take to SELL A HOME? - 09/27/15 05:09 AM
I waited for the punch line as a  Manchester NH area Home Owners asked how many agents they should hire to sell their home. They told me they read if they hire more agents, they will get more people working to sell their home and it will sell quicker. I chuckled as their plan may result in the opposite. You see you only need 1 Agent to sell your home. That is ( 1 ) WELL Experienced listing agent who is willing and able to  assist the seller through EACH step of the selling process. Hiring multiple agents may result in each giving … (15 comments)

free: Manchester NH Home Sold and Closed - 09/26/15 05:37 AM
Public Notice: We are proud to announce the SALE of the home at 23 Pennsylvania Ave. in MANCHESTER NH 03104. This home is now SOLD AND CLOSED.  This Ranch style home complete with upgrades and Priced to sell. Exclusively listed by the Godzyk Real Estate Services at  This home features a finished Lower Level, 2 decks, a back yard oasis with beautiful flower gardens. A Fireplaced living room, a formal dining room, a screened porch and a wonderful Family Room. 
TO SEE WHAT YOUR HOME IS … (11 comments)

free: How Long does it take to get an offer accepted on a home for sale? - 09/25/15 04:47 AM
A Buyer called to ask how long it would take to get an answer on the offer their agent submitted on there behalf on my  Manchester NH area New Listing. Where they have an agent, they should really call them. However the buyer replied their agent is not returning their call. I asked their name. Unfortunately for them the home was put under contract in only a day and it was not their offer that was selected. The buyer insisted on knowing how long it takes to accept an offer. It was easier to start at the beginning. Offers need to be submitted in … (9 comments)

free: Can I buy a Bank Owned Home with Bad credit and NO Money - 09/24/15 05:09 AM
What does it take to buy a REO I was asked. An interesting call where a Manchester NH area Home Buyer was looking to buy a Bank Owned Home I have listed, but he has bad credit and no money. he thought for sure there must be a "secret" that I would know to get him this home. Unfortunately, whether a Bank Owned home or owner occupied home, you must have good credit or a large amount of money to purchase a home. 
The way the mortgage process works, is the better your credit, the more types of mortgages that may be available to … (15 comments)

free: With the arrival of FALL -Is it GOOD or BAD for the Real Estate Market - 09/23/15 05:27 AM
Will the arrival of FALL bring a boost or put to bed the Real Estate Market for 2015? It may depend what area or region you are in. Here in New Hampshire, the arrival Fall usually brings a boost in sales. Home Buyers looking to move before winter and re-locations to our area are the biggest groups of buyers. For Home Sellers they find less homes on the market which can mean less competition than a spring market. We have seen an upswing in seniors looking to sell their homes and head South and beat the arrival of winter.
The BOTTOM LINE is ANYTIME can … (19 comments)

free: How long should the average Home Showing last? - 09/22/15 02:33 PM
Should there be a time limit when looking at a home? Is there an average amount of time a buyer should spend in a home. A Listing Agent called me as I was showing my Manchester NH area Home Buyer a home. They said "you have been in the home longer than an average showing, perhaps you should wrap things up."
As I almost fell over i thought was there a time limit for this showing? Was there an average time we needed to abide by?  We were there around 15 minutes which is normal I thought, especially when the buyer loves … (8 comments)

free: Does a Home Buyer need to attend the Appraisal? - 09/21/15 05:48 AM
Should a Buyer be present when the appraisal is completed? Recently a Buyer Agent insisted thet they and their buyer attend the appraisal. Perhaps they have never attended an appraisal, but it is not usually something the buyer or their agent attend. The appraiser will not answer questions from the buyer and will not give any insight to the value until the appraisal is compete. It is my opinion the only person that must attend the appraisal is the listing agent.
It is the Listing Agents job to inform the appraiser of the upgrades, amenities and things that add value to the … (19 comments)

free: What would you tell a Buyer who says they do not want an Inspection? - 09/20/15 06:00 AM
Should a Buyer Agent ever tell their client "not" to have a home inspection on a home? I would say if they are an owner occupied buyer, NEVER. The home inspection is for the buyers protection. Having even a 7 day period for a professional to check the home is a must. So when I got an offer on a home I have listed, my seller was very happy to see no home inspection contingency. However i did wonder why the first time buyer would waive it. The Seller accepted. After all signatures we fast forward a couple of weeks and the buyer … (29 comments)

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