help: What Should an Agent do to get your Home SOLD or find your Dream Home? - 09/27/15 02:54 PM
One of the most asked questions from Buyers or Sellers is "HOW DO I KNOW IF MY AGENT IS GOOD?" It is one of my favorite questions to answer from  Manchester NH area consumers. One of my favorite answers was from a man whose home I sold who said to his neighbor, "If you have to ask if your agent was good or not, they were probably not so good." Having been in the business 29 years, I have come to a conclusion that the BEST SERVICE is one that offers old fashion Personal and Professional Service through each step of the Buying … (10 comments)

help: Should Home Sellers be Showing their own homes to buyers? - 09/01/15 06:01 AM
How good of an idea is it to let or make the Home Seller show their own home to the Buyer? Yesterday I had a unique Listing Meeting with a  Manchester NH Home Owner who was interviewing for a Listing Agent. They asked me if I would give them a discount if they showed their own home? My first question I wanted to ask was, where did you get this tip? Before I could ask they said they spoke with an agent who offered a discount for the Seller to open their home up to buyers or even show them the house.
The first … (24 comments)

help: When listing: Can I ask more than my home appraises for? - 08/03/15 05:16 PM
What is the BEST price to ask for your home when listing it for sale? All Sellers want to sell their homes for the highest possible price. Most sellers will even tell you their home is worth more than any home on their neighborhood. When it comes to selling though, an over priced home could certainly put the brakes on it selling.
The BEST way to go about selling a home is to have a GOOD local listing agent assess what the home is worth through a market analysis. They then can tell you what your home is worth in today's market. A … (10 comments)

help: How long should it take to get an answer on an offer? - 08/03/15 05:11 AM
When a Home Buyer makes an offer, how long should it take to get a response from the Seller? How long it should take and what happens in reality may differ. There are lots of factors that may affect the amount of time. First off it will depend if the owner is owner occupied, bank owned or a short sale. 
I believe all offers should be presented in a timely manner. For Owner Occupied homes, the listing agent should discuss with the seller how they want to handle an offer when it is submitted. When representing the seller contacting past showings to … (25 comments)

help: How do you know if a Home is OVERPRICED? - 07/31/15 06:21 PM
I got a call from a Manchester NH area Home Owner who asked if I could tell her how to tell if a home is Over priced. I asked her if her home was for sale and she said yes. I asked her the address and I looked it up in MLS. There it was plain as day with the gleaming picture of a room, not sure what room, as it was so dark. I clicked on it and know the neighborhood, actually even know the home. Yes it is on the high end of the market but being over priced may only … (32 comments)

help: Price Reduced for quick sale on this Bank Owned home - 07/31/15 06:00 PM
PRICE REDUCED on this MERRIMACK NH  BANK OWNED HOME exclusively listed by the Godzyk Real Estate Services at 51 Thornton Street West, 03054. This home is SOLD AS IS and priced to sell at $198,900. Easy access to rte 3. Built in 1999, this Expansion Cape has an entire 2nd floor that can nearly double your living space. It abuts conservation land. Sits on 1 acre and has a 2 car garage, It will need some paint and new carpeting. The utilities will not be turned on, it is up to the buyer to arrange and pay for turn on of any utility they want to … (2 comments)

help: Will a Seller attract more Buyers if they FEED them during a showing? - 07/30/15 05:31 AM
A Home Seller is saying they want to be there for all showings so they feed the Buyers when they look at the home. She wants to be able have them sit down, she can serve up some homemade food and discuss her home for sale. This is surely an unique way to promote ones homes, but will she get more hungry people than real Buyers ready and able to purchase?
When selling a home, the best path to a quick sale is choosing a great listing agent. One that will assist in pricing the home properly, assisting the seller with tips on … (24 comments)

help: How long should an agent take/wait to submit an offer to the Seller - 07/28/15 05:27 AM
When an offer is presented on a property, what is the average time the Listing Agent should take to submit the offer to the Home Seller? Recently I was representing a buyer, we looked at a new owner occupied listing, wrote a strong offer and presented it. The listing agent replied he would wait a week and present all offers at once. I was puzzled as the MLS remarks stated "priced for quick sale" and Owner motivated to move". A full price offer with no inspection and a pre-approved buyer putting down 20% is pretty motivating.
As 2 days ticked off, another … (9 comments)

help: What do you think of the "We Buy Homes Quick" type of Buyer? - 07/23/15 05:10 AM
We do not need a Listing Agent, we will just sell to one of those Buyers who posts "We buy homes Quick" all over every telephone pole in town. That was 4 months ago when this Manchester NH Home Seller decided they could save money by selling them selves to a a company that promised "quick closings".
What this Home Owner learned is that every one of the numbers they called sure did offer a quick closing, but at around half of today's market value. There was one who offered to pay about 75% of value, but they would "take over" the sellers mortgage … (26 comments)

help: What are Home Owners in AUBURN NH doing this Summer? - 07/15/15 07:43 AM
What is happening in the AUBURN NH Real Estate Market this Summer? Should Home Owners thinking of selling, list their home for sale now? Should buyers who may want a Home Buy now or wait? Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a slight shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your property.
HOME OWNERS are Listing their Homes with SCOTT GODZYK of the Godzyk Real Estate Services and are HAPPY with the Results. We have prepared a comprehensive Market Report that … (3 comments)

help: Is it that A Buyer Agent cant leave FEEDBACK after a showing or Wont? - 07/10/15 05:14 AM
There is a fierce debate over whether a Buyer broker should give feedback to the listing agent after a showing. Having a flurry of new Owner Occupied Listings, behind each of them is a home seller looking for updates and feedback. A buyer broker told me "it was not their concern that the seller wanted some feedback."
We may all agree Buyer agents and their buyers do not want to "tip their hat" per say and say if they really like the home which could affect negotiations if they make an offer.
In my opinion however, Buyer agents are missing a common … (22 comments)

help: What options do I have if my offer is not accepted? - 06/11/15 04:56 AM
The phone rings, A hysteric Buyer in full panic mode looking to Buy a Home in the Manchester NH area called to ask "Why all their offers are always rejected?" In due time I learn that they hired a "friend" who works in Real Estate part time to help them write offers. They look at the homes themselves and then has this agent write the offer. I asked if the agent is accompanying them or even seeing the home. They replied with "NO". The key problem is an agent who does not see a home, can not make an educated or … (24 comments)

help: What is the RIGHT amount of communication from an agent to a client? - 06/10/15 05:41 AM
The phone rings, it is another frantic caller looking to hire a new agent. There old agent never communicated. Their purchase fell through and now they need to find a new dream home. They ranted. Then they raved, then they ranted some more. I listened and when they were done I simply told them I was sorry for their bad experience and let me tell them on how i do business.
Whether first time buyers, buyers moving to  bigger home, buyers moving to a smaller home or a relocation to our great state, all deserve 100% attention.
The best way to assist this buyer, … (10 comments)

help: Should you have a Home Inspection BEFORE you list your home? - 05/23/15 05:29 AM
Are their any benefits to Inspecting your home Before you list it for sale? There is a Manchester NH area Agent who a seller reported is making home owners do this. I may not agree with making every home owner go through a full blown inspection before listing. There are certainly some benefits Io inspecting your home however there are also come cons.If a home owner is prepared to fix anything found at any cost that is found during this pre sale inspection, then yes, you should do it. 
The con part, could be for a home owner who has an inspector that finds one or … (8 comments)

help: WHY does the buyer need a SECOND SHOWING? They saw the home once - 05/22/15 05:14 AM
Do buyers really need to see a home for a second or even third time? This was a question asked yesterday by a Manchester NH area Home Seller. I was representing the buyer who wanted to see the home for a second time. The listing agent from a big time company has buyer agents contact the seller direct. The seller was no so open to letting us back in. "They have already seen the home, they can buy it or not." boasts the home seller.
Obviously the listing agent failed to educate the seller on how the home selling.buying process works. If a buyer … (14 comments)

help: WHY would you only post 1 picture in MLS? - 05/17/15 06:57 AM
I did it, Guilty of placing only 1 picture of a home for my New BANK OWNED LISTING. Why did I only post 1 picture? Well the home was so bad, that every interior picture showed some sort of damage or included a view of the massive amount of personal property left behind. The bank does not allow pictures of damage or personal property to be shown in MLS pictures. 
Don't worry though, the lack of pictures dd not keep the cash only buyers away. As with all my new listings, my list of cash buyers was already called to preview the … (36 comments)

help: Home Inspector or Home Wrecker? - 05/12/15 05:46 AM
A Home Inspectors words can make or break a sale despite if what they find is cosmetic, minor or major. They have the power to kill a sale with a few words despite what is reality or common sense. When a Home Inspector sees a 9 year old water heater, that is functioning properly with no signs of anything wrong with it and then states, "the average water heater has a life of about 10 years" can be shattering to a first time home buyer who takes it literally the water heater will last only 1 more year.  
You have a … (18 comments)

help: Is an EXCLUSIVE Buyer agent Better than a Just a Buyers Agent? - 05/08/15 06:12 AM
You mean to tell me there is a difference? asked a buyer. What is the difference between a an "Exclusive" Buyers agent and just a Buyers agent? An exclusive buyers agent just represents buyers and does not list homes, where a buyers agent can represent just a buyer or can take listings and represent just the seller. The debate raged on, with a feature blog by Alan Mays yesterday, so when a buyer asked me today what the difference was, i knew i had to chime in. 
As the Buyer asked which was better, I let him know what the responsibilities of a … (19 comments)

help: Can you Buy a Home with Bad Credit? - 05/06/15 05:00 AM
What does it take to purchase a home these days? This frequent question seems to be asked of me every day. There are many different types of mortgages for all kinds of Buyers. The BEST way to begin is to get pre qualified for a mortgage by a local and trusted bank or mortgage company. If you dont know where to start, a GOOD buyer broker can refer you to a GOOD loan officer.
There are different types of credit and different levels of "bad" credit. Most buyers do not even know the difference of what is bad, what is average or what is good.
1. … (10 comments)

help: Is it possible to sell a Home where Buyers cant see the inside of it? - 05/01/15 05:15 AM
Is it in the Home Sellers best interest to have Buyers see the inside of their home? You bet it is. Although it is possible to find a buyer for home and not let them see the inside, they may only offer half of what it is worth or less. A woman calls to list a property. It was her first home, she got married and moved into the new husbands home. She rented her former home. Now she is ready to sell and the tenant will not allow anyone inside to see it. At least 2 other agents took the listing … (29 comments)

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