home selling: Sales, Prices, Inventory UP - Healthier Market for Louisville, KY - 02/04/14 11:32 PM
Great news posted by the National Association of Realtors & Keeping Current Matters on 1/23/14. Sales, Prices & Inventory are up while Distressed Properties and Unemployment are down!
Obviously everyone is pleased with sales & prices going up but a rise in inventory in the Louisville, KY area is actually exciting news since we have had such a lack of homes for buyers to choose from. Also, it was recently reported that the National Unemployment Rate is down to the lowest its been in nearly 5 years. All indicators that the real estate market is on a healthy track not only … (1 comments)

home selling: For Sale - 3 Bed 3 Full Bath Patio Home/Condo - Shelbyville, KY 40065 - 11/04/13 11:48 PM
Newly listed! Check out this unique 3 Bed, 3 Full Bath Patio Home/Condo located at 2811 Brassfield Circle in Shelbyville, KY 40065.   Priced @ $174,900     This spacious 3 BED, 3 FULL BATH includes 1,900+ Sq. Ft. with an OPEN CONCEPT for under $200k!! Buyers will surely love the VAULTED CEILINGS & FIREPLACE, Formal Dining, Trey Ceilings, Walk-in Closets, Updated Flooring & an Attached 2 CAR GARAGE w/ adjoining Laundry Room. Lots of flexibility here as you can have two possible PRIVATE MASTER SUITES (1st or 2nd Floor). You'll be hard-pressed to find a better place with this much … (0 comments)

home selling: Should I Purchase a Home Warranty For My Louisville, KY Home? - 10/14/13 10:46 PM
Should I Purchase a Home Warranty For My Louisville, KY Home? - The answer is simple...YES!!
I ALWAYS recommend home warranties for not only my buyers, but also to my sellers as well. Here in Louisville, KY a home warranty is something that is usually negotiated within the sales contract when the buyer makes an offer. There are many different kinds of home warranties but typically they are good for 1 year from closing and cost approx. $400+ depending on the options you select.

Benefits for Seller:
-Great marketing tool for the property & gives buyers piece of mind at closing

home selling: Top 10 Remodeling Projects this Spring for your St. Matthews Home - 03/24/13 11:25 PM
Spring is the time of the year when many St. Matthews homeowners get amped up and decide to undertake home improvement projects to add value to their home. Whether your decision to remodel is for personal enjoyment or to prepare your home for sale, you should be aware of where you'll get the best "Bang-for-your-Buck" in terms of money spent on a particular project.
Below is a list of common remodeling projects complied by the National Assocation of Realtors...while the actual cost may be varied depending on the location of your property and the size of the project, the percentages (%) of the cost recupped are … (0 comments)

home selling: Houzz.com - One of the Top Real Estate Tools! - 02/11/13 02:44 AM

With me being a real estate agent I naturally am always looking for tools to help my buyers & sellers. I recently did a kitchen remodel on my own home and found Houzz.com to be the #1 tool for inspiration and help along the way. I would consider it to be the perfect tool for any "Do-It-Yourselfer" looking to update and make changes to their home, as well as the ideal source for finding local, trusted professionals to help you along the way. In this post I want to share with you the various aspects of Houzz.com as well as explain how it can be … (1 comments)

home selling: BILLIONS!? - Where's the National Mortgage Settlement $'s Going? - 09/05/12 06:18 AM

I thought this chart from Steve Harney was interesting as it breaks down where all the money from the National Mortgage Settlement is going and how it is being used. BILLIONS of dollars are push towards short sales which I think is fantastic since this will help prevent a portion of the 11 million Americans that are already behind on their mortgage...as long as the money is being spent wisely then it should prevent a great deal of foreclosures in the near future.
Short sales are a much better option as the home owner can get back on their feet much quicker … (0 comments)

home selling: Supply vs. Demand Rules - Buyer or Sellers Market?? - 08/16/12 12:39 AM
In real estate, supply and demand is represented as the current month’s supply of homes for sale (the number of homes for sale divided by the number of homes sold in the previous month).
Most real estate professionals know, or at least have a good idea of, the month’s supply of inventory in their market because of its affect on pricing moving forward.
While there is no steadfast rule that will apply to pricing in every category of housing, here is a great guideline by which to go:
1-4 months’ supply creates a sellers’ market where there are not enough homes to satisfy … (9 comments)

home selling: 4 Options to Avoid Foreclosure in Louisville KY - PROs & CONs - 08/10/12 03:52 AM
1. Mortgage Modification - this is were your exsisting loan is adjusted in order to accommodate your financial abilities
PROS - you keep your home & it reduces your monthly payment for a period of timeyour financial abilities
CONS - you lose some right on your loan & it usually is only temporary
2. Short Sale - this is were your home is sold at a reduced price because the value of the home is less than what you owe. This would be your 2nd viable option if your lender would not allow you to do a mortgage modification.
PROS - doesn't damage your credit as bad as … (2 comments)

home selling: Short Sale -OR- Foreclosure in Louisville Kentucky? - 07/23/12 08:28 AM
Which is a better alternative for the seller – short sale or foreclosure?
Here are the advantages of doing a short sale:

It allows a more dignified exit from the home. In a foreclosure, an official eventually comes to the home and tells the occupants to leave – immediately. In a short sale, the seller knows the closing date and can prepare in advance for the move. In many cases, their neighbors, friends and family needn’t even know of their financial difficulties.
The seller could possibly avoid a deficiency judgment. In almost all distressed sales, the bank can legally go … (0 comments)

home selling: Short Sale vs. Foreclosure?? - 10 Common Myths Busted!! - 05/14/12 02:27 AM

There are some huge misconceptions when it comes to a short sale vs. a foreclosure. I'd like to take the most common myths surrounding both short sales and foreclosures and give a brief explanation., so LET’S BUST SOME MYTHS!!

1.) If you let your home go to foreclosure you are done with the situation and you can walk away with a clean slate.  The reality is that this couldn’t be any farther from the truth in most situations. You could end up with an IRS tax liability and still owing the bank money. Let me explain. Please … (1 comments)

home selling: ForSaleByOwner.com CEO Sells Home With Realtor - 04/16/12 01:51 AM
I can’t resist commenting on the story which recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal regarding Colby Sambrotto, the founder and former CEO of forsalebyowner.com. It seems the founding father and lifelong evangelist of the concept of selling your home without a real estate agent was forced to hire a broker to sell his home after failing at what he preaches others should do.

After failing to sell his NYC apartment on his own as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), Sambrotto hired a broker and paid a 6% commission in order to get the job done. His personal experience helps refute some of the myths … (0 comments)

home selling: VIDEO: February 2012 Housing Market Update | Louisville, Kentucky - 03/23/12 07:23 AM
This brief video covers the housing market for Louisville, Kentucky during the month of February 2012. It shows the statistics for the number of home sales, average sales price, and number of available units for sale for February 2012 VS. February 2011 and January 2012. The housing market is headed in the right direction in he Louisville area with an increase in the number of sales and sales price and a slight decrease in the number of available units for sale.

home selling: National Mortgage Settlement | What It Means to the Real Estate Market in 2012 - 02/14/12 03:04 AM
Last week, the Federal government and 49 state governments (Oklahoma being the exception) agreed to a $25 billion settlement regarding robo-signing and the challenges it created in the foreclosure process. I want to give a synopsis of the settlement and some perspective on what effect it will have on the housing market in 2012...
The Basics The $25 billion in funds will be dispersed as follows:
$17 Billion National Commitment to Foreclosure Relief EffortsThe servicers collectively agree to commit a minimum of $17 billion directly to borrowers through foreclosure relief effort options, including principal reduction for qualifying borrowers, short sales, anti-blight measures, … (5 comments)

home selling: 10 REASONS NOT TO STAGE YOUR HOME - 02/07/12 04:05 AM
This is an excellent post from a home stager in Hawaii. The reason most sellers don't want to stage their home is because of cost, obviously but there is one thing I believe most sellers forget...

Price Reduction vs. Staging Costs....I have so many sellers willing to drop the price $3,000 before they ever consider home staging. What if they staged it for $1,000 and we were able to sell it at asking price in a much quicker time frame? 
1.  We want to test the market for 90 days.  And on the 91st day?  Price reduction--and 90 days worth … (0 comments)

home selling: Louisville Kentucky | #3 Best Food Destination in the World!! - 02/02/12 08:13 AM

According to a recent article on Zagat.com named "The 8 Best Foodie Getaways Around the World", - Louisville, Kentucky - was ranked #3 in the world for one of the best food destinations!!
Obviously I am excited about the news as Louisville has also previously been ranked at #9 as a "Top 10 City to Raise a Family"
Ranked just behind #1 Okinawa, Japan & #2 Price Edward Island, Canada, Louisville was able to beat out prestigious places such as:
#4 Cornwall, England#5 Puerto Rico#6 Morelia, Mexico#8 Ciaro, Egypt
This is just another ingredient to the recipe (pun intended) as to why … (2 comments)

home selling: Adding VALUE to Your Clients - 01/23/12 04:07 AM
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...I know the first word that popped in your head was "Service" or "Superior Service" or "Excellent Service" or something along those lines, right?
Well of course many agents like ourselves seek to provide the best client and customer service possible. It's a "no-brainer"...it's the life blood of our business. We aren't selling houses, we are selling our services!
So what can you do to seperate yourself from the pack? Simple...Add MORE VALUE to your clients!!

Buyer/Seller counceling session -  whether its their 1st house or 11th house, people need to be reminded of the transaction process as well as any laws and regulations that may have … (1 comments)

home selling: 2011 Real Estate Market Report | Louisville, KY - 01/19/12 07:48 AM
This short video reviews the 2011 real estate market for the Louisville & Jefferson County area in Kentucky. It also illustrates how we are doing moving foward into the 2012 year. Im sure you'll find the information very resourceful!

home selling: Are Homes Selling in Today's Market?? - 2012 - 01/12/12 08:20 AM
Ever heard that question before?? 
Maybe this will answer your question...

Yes, people are Buying & Selling...even today...and tomorrow!

home selling: "Houses Aren't Selling!".....BOLOGNA!! - 11/30/11 03:34 AM
"Where waiting on the economy to recover...."
"Houses just arent selling, the market is slow"
"Now is not a good time to buy or sell"


National Association of Realtors recently released their 2011 3rd Quarter Housing Report. In the report, they showed that combined sales of single family homes, condos and co-ops increased in EVERY state as compared to the 3rd quarter of last year. Find your state: 


home selling: Why You Need a Realtor - 11/22/11 02:44 AM
As a Buyer or Seller, I am sure you are tired of real estate agents telling you..."You Need A Realtor!"
And as a Realtor, it can become tiresome trying to convince unwilling people that they infact do need a Realtor.
"A picture says a thousand words" and the one below depicts just 1 more reason why you should consult with a Realtor in your local market.  According to the National Association of Realtors, the number of contract failures has been rising since the 3rd quarter of this year....Why you ask? It could be do to a variety of factors such as:
-issues with the … (0 comments)