contests: A New Beginning In A New Home - 02/14/18 01:40 PM
A New Beginning In A New Home
Hannah was referred to me by a family law attorney that I knew through mutual friends. He already had an established relationship with an agent and we always joked at social gatherings that I was his second choice. I was his first choice with Hannah because we were similar in age and she was interested in buying in the city I grew up in. When he said she’d be calling he told me she’d been through a lot and needed a fresh start.
Hannah was pre-approved and wanted to see homes right away. We didn’t know … (25 comments)

contests: Holiday Memories in Leesburg - 12/08/17 02:14 PM
Holiday Memories in Leesburg
Kathy Streib opened the door for all of us to share a favorite holiday memory this month. Even though our memories are all different it’s something that we can all connect on. Holidays are for making memories and there are many that I hold close to my heart. It’s hard to pick a favorite but, for the contest I’m going with the one that first popped into my mind.
I grew up in Leesburg Virginia and between the horses, cats, and dogs at home to the animals that needed care at my Dad’s animal hospital we never traveled to … (26 comments)

contests: Thankful For My Mom and Dad - 11/20/17 04:36 AM
Thankful For My Mom and Dad
I wouldn’t be where I am without my Mom and Dad. They have sacrificed so much to make sure I had every opportunity possible to be successful. From my Dad working 7 days a week in his business to my Mom working 7 days a week to make sure everything was taken care of at home they always set the right example and taught me to work hard. My first job was at my Dad’s animal hospital and I started out cleaning cages and feeding the animals on the weekends. I can remember riding in with … (20 comments)

contests: Thankful For Our Fur Babies - 11/15/17 12:23 PM
Thankful For Our Fur Babies
As soon as I read Debbie Reynolds 12 Days of Thanks Giving 2017 – ActiveRain Challenge I knew I wanted to participate and thought of ideas to write about. I wish I could do all 12 days but, we welcomed a new fur baby into our home a few days ago and at 8 weeks old he’s a full time job on top of real estate. I wouldn’t change it for the world though.
Walter is our oldest and I adopted him over 10 years ago. It was just the two of us for years. Growing up … (19 comments)

contests: Paying It Forward In Alexandria - 11/07/17 01:34 PM
Paying It Forward In Alexandria
Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group is hosting a coat drive for the 2nd year in a row as a way to pay it forward. We team up with United Community Ministries located right in Alexandria. We think it’s important to give back locally and we’ve learned that because Alexandria is an affluent area many don’t realize that we have local residents who go hungry and cold each year.
Our coat drive runs throughout the month of November. We market it on social media, send out postcards to surrounding neighborhoods, and post it on local Facebook groups. We’re looking for … (22 comments)

contests: Our Furry Children - 10/27/17 08:18 AM
Our Furry Children
Walter and Brinks are our furry children. My Dad is a veterinarian so I’ve been around animals since the day I came home from the hospital and they’re a part of the family. Walter is a rescue and came from a very abusive past. He’s appreciative of everything you do for him. Brinks on the other hand came to us at 10 weeks old and has never known anything but, the good life. He runs the show! They're complete opposites in so many ways but, yet they're still best friends. Watching them always reminds me that you can find … (27 comments)

contests: Backyard Goals in Kingstowne - 10/21/17 05:40 AM
Backyard Goals In Kingstowne
This photo is at a listing we currently have under contract in Kingstowne. The house is beautiful but, the backyard is one of a kind and such a selling point for the home. Our sellers have two decks, a pergola, awning, Koi pond, and extensive landscaping. As soon as you step out onto the deck you immediately feel relaxed. Even though it’s minutes from transportation, shopping, and dining you wouldn’t know it when you’re soaking up the tranquility of the backyard.
This is an entry to the ActiveRain 2017 Photography Contest for the category Real Estate - Exterior. 

contests: Time Management and Self Management Go Hand In Hand - 10/16/17 02:07 PM
Time Management and Self Management Go Hand In Hand
Time management is something everyone needs but, it takes managing yourself to have it. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or personal or even what industry you work in. We all get the same 24 hours but, how we use them makes a big difference in how productive and organized someone is. I believe that you have to have the discipline to manage yourself in order to then manage your time.
For me time management comes down to organization and a schedule. In real estate no day is ever exactly the same but, that doesn’t mean there’s … (22 comments)

contests: Habits …. The Ugly …. The Bad…. And Let’s End With The Good - 09/07/17 01:58 PM
Habits …. The Ugly …. The Bad…. And Let’s End With The Good
It’s time to air out the dirty laundry thanks to Debbie Reynolds and her fun September contest. I’m a give me the bad news first type of girl so I’m going to start with the ugly, head to the bad, and then end with the good.
The Ugly – I do not do a good job of balancing work and personal. I work way too much and often times when I come home from work I get right back on my computer instead of listening to and spending time with … (18 comments)

contests: Treat Others As You'd Like To Be Treated - 04/17/17 11:04 AM
Treat Others As You'd Like To Be Treated
Real estate is a profession that’s always changing; whether it be effective ways to market, evolving laws, or new technology to learn. If you’re in the industry you know change comes with the territory. One thing I haven’t seen change since entering the industry in 2007 is how poorly agents can treat one another. The dog eat dog mentality is something that has never and will never make sense to me.
I see other agents as extensions of my team. We’re all in this unique industry together; the pack is far stronger than the wolf. I … (71 comments)

contests: Brand Loyalty: Land Rover, General Electric, and Havertys - 03/23/17 09:23 AM
Brand Loyalty: Land Rover, General Electric, and Havertys
Alexandra and Ron Segal presented us with an opportunity this month to share three brands we’re loyal too. This one made me think quite a bit because liking a brand and being loyal to one are very different in my opinion. Loyalty creates longevity and a customer that keeps coming back. I notice the three brands I selected on the road and in homes I tour regularly and I always think quality when I see them.
Land Rover
I purchased my first Land Rover in 2012 and am now on my second one. When it came … (24 comments)

contests: Lucketts Will Always Be Close To My Heart - 03/14/17 07:41 AM
Lucketts Will Always Be Close To My Heart
Paul Henderson has given us all a great opportunity this month to share where we've lived in the past and why it's special to us. There really is no place like home.
I grew up in Lucketts a small – very small town on the outskirts of Leesburg Virginia. My parents had about 10 acres and while I didn’t realize it at the time it would turn out to be what I consider the most special place I’ve ever called home. From being able to walk out to the barn and ride our horses … (20 comments)

contests: Two Tech Tools That I Couldn’t Live Without - 02/27/17 02:45 PM
Two Tech Tools That I Couldn’t Live Without
Bob Stewart has encouraged us to share two of our favorite tech tools in the February Challenge. When I first read the post I thought, that won’t be too hard. I stand corrected because here I am the last day of the month finally meeting the challenge – much harder than I thought! There are so many amazing tools and systems available that it’s difficult to narrow it down to just two. My iPhone came to mind first but, as Bob mentioned that's just too easy. That said, I couldn't live without it but, in the … (18 comments)

contests: What I Love Most About My Job - 02/14/17 11:37 AM
What I Love Most About My Job
When I read Bliz’s contest for February my first thought was I’ve never loved much about having a job. I did love my first job which was working with my Dad at his animal hospital. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed it but, when I look back all my other jobs were simply something I did to pay the bills. I would work tirelessly with little to no reward and always felt limited by my surroundings. Real estate changed all that and then some. So, what do I love most about my job? That … (28 comments)

contests: Keeping In Touch With Clients - Be Yourself - 12/17/16 05:57 AM
Keeping In Touch With Clients
Larry Johnston has asked us all to share how we keep in touch with clients. We all know that referrals and repeat business are the best business to have and the biggest compliment we can receive so it’s imperative we remain the agent they go to for advice, recommendations, and to refer their friends and family too. I don’t think there’s a one size fits all because being genuine in our approach is very important.

Every few years we hold a client appreciation event at a restaurant or winery or an open house at the office. We … (16 comments)

contests: Home For The Holidays – 2016 - 12/11/16 08:29 AM
Home For The Holidays – 2016
Thank you Debbie Laity for hosting such a fun and festive contest each year. I really enjoy seeing everyone’s decorations and reading about what puts them in the holiday spirit.

With this being our first holiday season in the new office we were all excited to decorate and give it a festive feel. JeMai and Stacey headed out in early December to locate the perfect decorations for the reception area and they did such a wonderful job with their selections. Stacey was kind enough to let us borrow her small Christmas tree for the hospitality bar … (16 comments)

contests: ActiveRain Photography Contest – Real Life – Animals - 11/24/16 11:45 AM
ActiveRain Photography Contest – Real Life – Animals
My two dogs are a part of the family and this photo was taken about a month after I brought Brinks home. Brinks is the small dog curled up next to Walter my Pitbull. Walter never ceases to amaze me with his kindness and is living proof there aren’t bad breeds just bad owners. Brinks is a French Bulldog and completely rules the roost even though Walter outweighs him by over 50lbs. They're a shining example that even if you're complete opposites a little love goes a long way. 

contests: ActiveRain Photography Contest – Main Listing Photo Arlington Virginia - 11/17/16 09:09 AM
ActiveRain Photography Contest – Main Listing Photo Arlington, Virginia
This photo has always been one of my favorites. It depicts what so many homes look like in Arlington and I think shows just how charming the Arlington area is. I remember listing this home and I knew it would be popular. My sellers were wonderful and took all my advice. We ended up with multiple offers in 2 days and it was under contract before the open house.

Arlington is known for its charm, sense of community, and for being home to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. If you’d like to … (14 comments)

contests: Dick Greenberg’s ActiveRain 2016 Photography Contest – Real Estate - 11/13/16 10:28 PM
Dick Greenberg’s ActiveRain 2016 Photography Contest – Real Estate
Real Estate - Miscellaneous Category
Old Town Alexandria is one of the most popular places in Northern Virginia. Known for its charm, unique shopping, wonderful dining options and the gorgeous waterfront it’s no surprise it’s a “must photograph” area for our real estate marketing. This photo was taken from Waterside/Shipyard Park which is a popular park located off Wilkes Street along the waterfront. Many locals know the area and because of that recognize it when used in marketing. This photo has been used in Facebook advertising, direct mail, and blogging. I always enjoy taking … (19 comments)

contests: ActiveRain Pay It Forward Challenge – Keeping Others Warm - 11/04/16 01:13 AM
ActiveRain Pay It Forward Challenge – Keeping Others Warm
The Pay It Forward Challenge is always one of my favorite contests. So many members in the Rain give back year round and it’s always nice to read all the kind acts that are taking place. Whether it's time, money, or resources that you're giving back it all adds up and makes a difference for those less fortunate. Kindness spreads more kindness and we're happy to be a part of that.
This year we decided to partner with United Community Ministries in Alexandria, Virginia to host a winter coat drive. United Community Ministries is … (23 comments)

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