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As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is passionate about providing the very best real estate support, this blog will give you great information, the latest trends, tips and tools and freebies for success in your real estate business.
‘QR Codes are So Yesterday’  Not So Fast! Last week I wrote a post called, “How to Get Online Visitors Using Offline Tactics“.  One comment I received had to do with the following suggestion:The No Brainer – Check out the information on your business card.  You probably have a link back to your w...
How to Get Online Visitors Using Offline TacticsSometimes we get so focused on creating business online that we forget about the opportunities we have to get online visitors using offline tactics. This probably comes from being beaten over the head so many times by technology. If you're utilizing...
6 Important Reasons Why Blogging is Crucial for Your Business It’s really disappointing when I hear a Realtor® say they don’t think there’s any value in having a blog.  Au contraire.  Your blog is one of the most valuable resources you have for building traffic to your website.  All it takes is t...
You Might Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant if… 4 Ways to Know if a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is in Your Future   Yes, I’m a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.  And, yes, I'm a firm believer in our valuable contribution to helping Realtors® succeed in their businesses.   In case you don’t kno...
How to Build a Successful Real Estate WebsiteYou’ve built your real estate website but they still aren’t coming to visit.  And, if they do visit, they’re not staying long.  Why?  Simply put, a lot more goes into building a successful real estate website than meets the eye. Here’s how to build a s...
How to Reap the Benefits of Guest Blogging in 3 Easy Steps Guest blogging has been around since the beginning of blogging itself.  There is confusion, though, among some people who wonder:   Why should I write a post for someone else's blog? What's in it for me?  There's really big benefits for a...
Every week I found myself trying to come up with a new blog topic.  For me, it’s the toughest part of the process.  So, I decided to make things easy on myself and find out what posts my readers think are hot.  That way, I will be sure to address topics that they are already interested in. What i...
Ever Wonder What Kind of Content Keeps Your Contact List Interested in You and Your Services? We are lucky to live in the digital age where creating interesting marketing materials is easier than ever.  Yet, some people are still having a hard time figuring out what kind of content keeps your con...
How to Build a Better Contact List One highly effective and overlooked marketing strategy is a valuable list. A good contact list is worth its weight in gold. Your contact list doesn't need hundreds or thousands of people in it. Think quality instead of quantity. This will help you build a better...
How to Get Google to Consider Your Website an Authoritative WebsiteGoogle doesn't "send" traffic to your site. Google does, however, continually scan millions of websites each day comparing them for relevant content. They then list it in their directory in the order of relevance to their audience...

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