sedona: Sedona Homes For Sale - October 2017 - 10/19/17 08:40 AM
How's The Market Doing?Homes For-Sale Sedona Arizona 86336 October 2017 ~ REAL TIME Market Report & Analysis
Learn More About Sedona Arizona 86336
Courtesy of Sheri Sperry ~
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 
Your Solutions Realtor®Check out the most current monthly reports in the Sedona Verde Valley at ~ ~Sedona Arizona 86336 Homes For-SaleReport 10/9/17Sedona October Market Report
As you research the Sedona Homes For Sale and October Market Report, these are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”. See the definition of Market Action Index (MAI) above. Altos Research uses a complex algorithm to provide the MAI.
Sedona InformationSedona 86336 is the heart of … (4 comments)

sedona: Lush Gardens and Koi Pond In Sedona Arizona - Serenity - 10/18/17 05:52 PM
Lush Gardens & Koi Pond Set In Sedona Arizona
Photography Contest - Real Estate: Exterior Picture (above)
When I saw this home from my 3 time client, I couldn't believe what they had done with it in a short period of time. After all, I brought them to the home. I can tell you that it did not look like the pictures you are going to see below.  My husband and I spent a lot of time trying to pick the right exterior picture for this contest that Dick Greenberg is hosting.
More Outside Pictures Than Interior Pics!
We actually took more pictures of the exterior (23) … (22 comments)

sedona: Silent Saturday - West Fork Trail - A Fall Design with Leaves! - 10/14/17 07:29 PM
West Fork Trail Leaf Design
A Tribute To Mother Nature 
Search For Homes in Sedona and the Verde Valley 
As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams, as well as satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with "World Class Service" and that "personal touch" while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today's market.
I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. - Sheri … (17 comments)

sedona: Sedona Hummingbird Enjoying A Gnat Snack - 10/14/17 05:03 PM
Real Life: Best Use of filter or special effect -  Dick Greenberg - Photography Contest
Hummingbird Enjoying A Gnat Snack!
I choose this picture to enter into the contest for special effects. I first published it as a GIF on Autumn equinox. It was a fall day a number of years ago when I saw this. I kept seeing the hummingbird stabbing the air and couldn't figure out what this bird was doing. All of a sudden the sunlight hit the knats and they looked like a cloud! I then realized that the hummingbird was having a gnat snack!  
My Special Effect 
I thought it would be easy to … (18 comments)

sedona: Throwback Thursday - My Favorite Harvest Moon - Rising - 10/05/17 06:13 PM
Sedona Harvest Moon Rising
This pic is the main page background on
Harvest Moon 2009
Since 2009, the trees have grown and a shot like this can't be taken from my backyard anymore. 
The picture below puts this 400mm picture in context. In the pic below the moon is not full so the sun is still above the horizon. The red rocks become darker when the light is coming through in just the red wave length. 
The shot below was also taken in August not October from Devil's Kitchen on Soldier's Pass Trail . A popular tourist attraction about a 1/4 mile behind my home.
 Search For … (17 comments)

sedona: Sedona Harvest Moonset - Once In A Lifetime Shot - 10/04/17 12:43 PM
Contest Entry - Real Life - Misc
Sedona Harvest Moonset 
A Once in a Life Time Harvest Moon Shot!
This moonset was taken because I could see the trajectory of the moon as it was setting the day after the full Harvest Moon back in 2011. Since then, the software has improved to really clean up and enhance the picture.
The picture below which is not entered in the contest shows exactly where the image was taken from. I used a 400mm lens to zoom in this close otherwise it would have not have been a crisp image.
I had to wait for the moon … (45 comments)

sedona: Reflections.... - 10/02/17 04:20 PM
Sedona - Oak Creek
"Tranquility Base"
Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many....
not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some." 
Charles Dickens
As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams, as well as satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with "World Class Service" and that "personal touch" while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today's market.
I will tailor real … (23 comments)

sedona: Exhilarating Wake-up Call in Sedona AZ! - 09/24/17 03:30 PM
Good Morning Sedona!
Grabbed a cup of coffee and was heading outside to feel the exhileration of the 37º. We have not been in the 30ºs for many months and this was a real surprise. 
 When out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure moving across my garden!
I went to get my phone to snap a pic and another bobcat appeared.    
This is not an unusual sight to see. Every couple of months we can see them.  There are paw marks on a wall in the courtyard in the front of the house where we have a fountain. I … (15 comments)

sedona: Autumn In Sedona - It's A Wonderful Time Of Year ! - 09/22/17 08:26 AM
Happy Autumn!
From My Garden!
Sedona AZ - Autumn - This is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect! No air conditioning or heating is necessary. You can smell the scent of pine trees early in the morning. As you sit outside, you can enjoy your favorite morning beverage and observe the birds and animals scurrying around gathering their food, nuts and berries, for the winter. The hummingbirds are plentiful as they migrate south for the winter ahead. I noticed this hummingbird just hovering in the middle of the yard. Ever few seconds, it was stabbing at the air.  As I … (17 comments)

sedona: McDonald's Arches Are Not So Golden In Sedona AZ ...What? - 09/20/17 02:47 PM
Sedona - McDonald's "Iconic" Teal Arches
Sedona Arizona - McDonald's is famous for it branding and marketing campaigns. From Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar to the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets, the brand is the most identifiable for it's Golden Arches. It is also the most recognizable fast food chain in the world because of those arches.
Sedona Community Development History
Sedona was incorporated in 1988, and it was still in the process of determining it's exterior building and signage restrictions. Along came McDonald's (circa 1992) proposing to build a restaurant. Those who know Sedona, understand that obtrusively bright and showy buildings or signage would never pass muster … (40 comments)

sedona: Festival del Tlaquepaque - Saturday - September 9th ! - 09/08/17 09:13 AM
Festival del Tlaquepaque
45th Anniversary!
September 9th, 2017
Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village is celebrating a huge milestone (45 years) this year. On September 9th, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, enjoy the "South of the Border" entertainment. 
The Ballet Folklorico de Colores dancers will delight you with their colorful costumes and dancing. For those who enjoy flamenco dancing, Mosaico Flamenco will appear with Gaetano and his band. The passion in the dance is something to see. You will not be disappointed.  Other musical artists will include Ritmo Latino and Latino Rebel. Eric Miller is another Sedona favorite who will entertain you with is virtuoso flamenco … (13 comments)

sedona: Dancing Solar Eclipse Shadows - Sedona Arizona - 08/21/17 11:31 AM
Sedona Solar Eclipse of the Sun
75% Magnitude
Video On Vimeo
As with the Annular eclipse, there was a noticeable reduction of light especially inside the house. It felt like it was getting close to dusk. This video shows a better example of the shadows that you can see by looking at the ground and observing how the actual shadow of the moon is depicted on a surface. 
Here are some additional pics using a colander to pass the light from the sun.
The pic on the left is the actual colander and the pic on the right is the light of our sun that is passing through … (17 comments)

sedona: The Tale of My 41 Year Old Spider Plant... + More Red Rock Blooms! - 08/09/17 12:32 PM
"Show Us Your Summer Blooms and Crops - An ActiveRain Challenge"
Sponsored by - Belinda Spillman
The Tale of My 41 Year Old Spider Plant and More Blooms!

41 Year Old Spider Plant
I bought this plant back in 1976 to hang on a macrame plant hanger. My new home had a covered porch, so I thought this would be perfect. In 1984, when we moved to our third home, I definitely made sure I would take this plant. Both my boys were born and grew up with this plant. So there was an attachment and memories. 
Spider Plants Are Perfect For Mild Southern California Weather
I really didn't have … (29 comments)

sedona: Sellers - Thinking About Selling Your Sedona Home? - 07/31/17 08:45 AM
 I’ll Walk You Through it All.I AM YOUR SOLUTIONS REALTOR®
Get Your Home Sold! 
Get Started Today by Scheduling a Complimentary Seller's Consultation.Sellers, the sale of your home is more than a business transaction. Recognizing that selling your home can be emotionally trying, I take extreme care as your guide through the process. I live locally and understand how difficult it can be to make a change and have helped many of my clients through the transition of selling their home. You can rely on me to evaluate the details of your home sale and advise you in making decisions. I will help … (15 comments)

sedona: Good Sunday Morning America! - 07/30/17 05:40 AM
Hello Sedona Arizona!
I painted you a "wake-up" you won't soon forget! ~ Mother Nature
What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?
E.M. Forster - Novelist
It is 64º and I am loving life!
ABOUT ME: “Many buyers and sellers are skeptical about salespeople. So am I! But, I am not a typical salesperson. I put myself in your shoes and help you make decisions based on how I would want to proceed if I were you. In other words, what steps would I take and what is right for you? How … (26 comments)

sedona: Diary of a HOT Property! Sedona Arizona - 07/29/17 06:42 PM
New Listing! Multiple Offers Day 1 ~ West Sedona, ArizonaMLS #513827
120 Panorama Blvd Sedona AZ 86336
Virtual Tour of 120 PanoramaThe Pitch
WEST SEDONA LOCATION - Currently, there are only two single family homes at or below $350,000 in West Sedona. These homes are a rare find. Enjoy VIEWS of Coffee Pot & Thunder Mountain from the great room while sitting by the fireplace on those crisp Sedona evenings this fall. Two bedrooms, 1 ¾ baths plus a room that can be used as an office, reading, or craft room. It is also located in a desirable neighborhood. and is well maintained … (13 comments)

sedona: Sedona Camera Club Presents Starry Starry Nights ~ July 31st - 07/27/17 03:18 PM
Sedona Camera Club presents
Starry Starry Nights!July 31st 
Rick Sperry Images                Where: Christ Lutheran Church - 25 Chapel Road, Sedona
When: July 31st at 6:00 PM 
Featuring Charles Ruscher who will share his work flow for 
"Starry Starry Nights- Chasing Van Gogh. 
If you have ever been to Sedona and had an opportunity to see our night sky, you would agree that it is really something to see the Milky Way and the thousands of stars that are up in the heavens. It is what drove my husband to say we are moving here find a real estate agent. Charles Ruscher … (19 comments)

sedona: Sedona Hummingbird Festival Buzzes In - July 28th - 30th ! - 07/27/17 06:03 AM
Sedona Hummingbird Festival 
The Sedona Hummingbird Festival is held at the end of July, beginning of August. Hummingbirds are coming back from more northern states and are starting to migrate back to the south this time of year and there is usually up to seven different kinds of hummingbirds that gather while preparing for the trip south.  They reach a peak in August in Sedona and little by little they continue on the migration.
One of My Favorite Birds
I have feeders and hummingbird friendly plants all over my garden - front and back.  Even during the winter months, I will see a couple … (10 comments)

sedona: National Day of the Cowboy ....Sedona Style! July 21 - 22 - 2017 - 07/20/17 02:41 PM
13th Annual
National Day of the Cowboy Celebration!
 Uptown Sedona 
Then - This was grazing land for the cattle in the Big Park area. It was not until mid 20th Century that the roads into Sedona were paved, bringing more people and tourists to the area.  
picture above courtesy of the Sedona Heritage Museum
Now - Big Park & Village of Oak Creek are the bedroom communities of Sedona with a population of approx. 6336. 
Date: July 21 thru July 22, 2017
Location: Uptown Sedona
Hours : 10 am - 8 pm 
Uptown is a very small area that can be walked easily. Most of these events will … (18 comments)

sedona: 2017 Mid Year Sedona Luxury Review - How Hot Is The Sedona AZ Market? - 07/17/17 09:38 AM
Sedona - Big Park - VOCLuxury Home MarketMid Year Luxury Review - January thru June - 2001-2017
Search For Luxury Homes in Sedona - Big Park - VOC In determining the 2017 mid year Sedona Luxury review, I updated the top 10% of the market for the period of January thru June of 2017.  The Top 10% of the Sedona luxury market is hovering around $850,000. For the purpose of this analysis, we will key in only on homes equal or greater to $1,000,000. The top home closed at $5,000,000 during the first six months. Most of the luxury homes that have … (15 comments)

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