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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!
To continue this FUN discussion of how real estate agents worked back in the age of the dinosaur, let's talk today about the GPS... or lack thereof. We didn't have one. We didn't even have Mapquest. Nope, the best we had was the handy-dandy Pierson Guide which was a big book of maps for the Denve...
To continue the discussion of real estate TODAY versus real estate 20 years ago, I want to chat a bit more about the benefits of NOT having information about homes for sale readily available at the touch of a button or click of a mouse. Back in the olden days, buyers (and sellers to a degree) wer...
As promised, today I will begin a series of ramblings on what life was like in the olden days for real estate agents - before ZTR, Docusign, GPS and smarty-pantz phones. And contrary to what you might assume, I believe real estate agents were BETTER equipped (in some ways) to be successful when t...
A little while ago I hosted a teleseminar called "Real Estate the Old Fashioned Way" where I described the life and times of a real estate agent in the good ol' days before the advent of all this whiz-bang, fancy-schmantzy technology. I was listening to a recording of the show recently and though...
A few weeks ago, I came across one of those enlightening Facebook quizzes that promised to "determine my dominant personality trait" based on my responses to a number of questions. Okay, I'll bite.I took the quiz. Here was my result:"Your answers reveal that kindness is your most dominant persona...
On January 18th, we're kicking off the 2016 PROSPECT with SOUL Mastermind Workshop, which is a seven-week SOUL-searching program, based on my third book Prospect with SOUL. The Workshop was created to help you discover the RIGHT prospecting strategies and methods for your unique personality, goal...
I had an interesting conversation last week with a gentleman who wanted to pick my brain about how I transitioned from a full-time real estate career to a full-time writing and training career. He was thinking maybe he'd like to do the same. So, we chatted. I regaled him with my story of going de...
It's been a while since we've done a Go-Giver show here in the SWS Virtual Studio, so I was thrilled when Bob Burg and John David Mann, the authors of The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More agreed make a return appearance!If you've never read The Go-Giver and/or Go-Givers Sell More, well, you're mi...
Wow!!!! I believe in this message with all my heart (and soul) and the author says it so eloquently!Timely, too... tomorrow I am interviewing Bob Burg and John David Mann, authors of the Go-Giver and Go-Givers sell more on THIS VERY TOPIC!!! Join us!   Stop Beggin...
Everyone knows that Staying in Touch is a critical component of a Sphere of Influence (SOI) approach to running a successful real estate business. Of course, everyone has a different opinion of exactly what "staying in touch" entails - what, specifically, to do, how often to do it and how on eart...

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