all blogs: Referral-Begging. Don't Do it. Just Don't. This Week's SWS Teleseminar - 08/03/15 07:22 AM
What's the best way to ask for referrals? DON'T!
Many real estate agents have been brainwashed into believing that you have to ASK for business and referrals if you expect to GET business and referrals. But that's just not so. Any form of referral-begging (including asking, bribing, reminding or maybe even appreciating) isn't necessary; it's unprofessional and it makes people uncomfortable. Hardly the way to inspire the people you know and the people you meet to care about you and your real estate business.
But, but, but... if you DON'T ask/beg/bribe/remind people how much you LUUUUV referrals, how will they know? What if … (4 comments)

all blogs: Dave Ramsey Sez: Provide Great Service and Business Will Come... - 10/27/14 06:06 AM
I was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast, as I often do, and came across a conversation he had with a new small business owner that really struck me. So much so that I paused my iPod and brought it into my office to transcribe it so I wouldn't miss a word!
Here was the conversation (paraphrased):
Caller: I was recently blessed with a gift of some lawn-mowing equipment and took it as a sign that I should start up a lawn-mowing business. I was hoping you could give me some advice on how to do that.
Dave: Well, you have … (11 comments)

all blogs: WWJAHD? Our SWS Teleseminar Show this Week! - 07/09/14 06:39 AM
It's time again for the WWJAHD Show!
What's a WWJAHD Show? Well, it's a fun little session where YOU provide real life dilemmas from the world of real estate asking the question: "What Would JAH DO in This or That Situation?" and... I answer from the perspective of the Author of Sell with Soul. I'm an expert in my own opinion :-) so of course, when asked a question about What Should Be Done, I tend to answer it as if I were the one in the situation. 
So, that's what this next SWS teleseminar show is all about, I've been compiling … (2 comments)

all blogs: Online Dating - the Quality versus Quantity Approach... - 06/30/14 06:41 AM

A good friend of mine dabbles in the online dating world from time to time. And as an old married woman, I get to enjoy the “fun” of singlehood vicariously through her dating adventures, online and otherwise.
Anyway, the other day she sent me a promotional email she received from a new online site she’s trying out – basically, it’s a form letter the site graciously supplies that, with the touch of a button, you can send out to “thousands of other singles” introducing yourself to get the romantic ball rolling.
Um, well.
My friend had already received a few … (8 comments)

all blogs: "Surviving a Crazy Market: Bidding Wars & Multiple Offers Teleseminar - 04/21/14 05:32 AM
"Surviving This Crazy Market - Bidding Wars & Multiple Offers"
Remember not so long ago when buyers were few (and picky) and sellers were plentiful (and desperate)? When everyone involved in the real estate industry longed for the "Good Old Days" of booming markets and bidding wars? 
Well, we got our wish! And whaddya' know? Real estate is STILL a tough way to earn a living! Yes, even in a Crazy Market!
Sure, our challenges are different and in all honesty, it IS a lot more fun to work in an exciting market than in a stagnant one. But that doesn't … (2 comments)

all blogs: Go-Give Your Way to Simple Success - Teleseminar with Bob Burg! - 04/15/14 06:09 AM
Just a quick invitation to an extra special show in the SWS Virtual Studio on Wednesday, April 16th!
I will have Mr. Bob Burg (co-author of The Go-Giver and other excellent books) with me to discuss how being a GO-GIVER (as opposed to a GO-GETTER? Hmmmmm...) can help you achieve the stratospheric success you dream of. And by “stratospheric” success, we don’t just mean you can make a lot of money (although that’s certainly possible), but also enrich your life and the lives of others in ways you never imagined.
Sound like a good use of an hour? If so, please register … (1 comments)

all blogs: Listed to Sold - the Favorit-est Tips! - 03/28/14 09:42 AM
Earlier this week we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Listed to Sold: Beyond the Old 3P's" where we discussed various strategies to getting listings SOLD so that our sellers can move on with their lives and we can enjoy a well-DESERVED paycheck. I say well-DESERVED because the premise of the show was that you can (and should) go way above and beyond the "Old 3P's" (Put a Sign in the Yard, Put it on the MLS, Pray) if your goal is to be the Best Listing Agent You Know (and I truly hope that IS your goal!). 

all blogs: Are You An Order-Taker in 2014? - 03/21/14 01:01 PM
I enjoyed today's Active Rain headliner - "I Have Multiple Offers, What Do I Do?" by Sherry Scales - very well-written and well-thunked out! But I also enjoyed reading through the comments most agreeing that yes, multiple offers are common and are, frankly, a bit of a pain in the backside. 
The blog reminded me of one I wrote back in 2011 toward the end of the Tough Times called "Were You An Order-Taker During the Boom? I wasn't!" where I vented a bit about how real estate agents at the time seemed to think that... well... you can read it … (6 comments)

all blogs: Managing Brokers: How Many Active (aka Unsold) Listings Do You Have? - 02/12/14 12:33 PM
This is a blog I’ve wanted to write for a long time. It’s been tumbling around in my head for probably two years now and for whatever reason, TODAY seems like a good day to let ‘er rip.
So here goes.
Question for managing brokers: how many active (unsold) listings are in your office, right now, as we speak? Listings that, for whatever reason are languishing on the market, no incoming offers in sight?
(If you’re in a crazy seller’s market and this question is laughable at the moment, just bookmark it for the future when things settle down.)
Got the … (1 comments)

all blogs: Brokers: Do You Reward for Getting? Or Selling? - 02/12/14 12:18 PM
Seeing that we're coming up on the time of year where Business Plans are made with abandon, I have a challenge to pose to all the managing brokers out there! Well, maybe “challenge” isn’t quite the right word; how about “proposal?”
First, a question:
In your office or company, are your agents recognized and rewarded for GETTING listings…or for SELLING listings? Because unless you’re in a crazy seller’s market (which some of you are), there IS a difference – a big difference!
I remember back in my early days, the Coldwell Banker franchise I was with rewarded agents who got at … (5 comments)

all blogs: Guiding Your Clients - the Favorit-est Tips! - 01/25/14 05:50 AM
If you follow my blog, you know that from time to time we do a "Favorit-est Tips" post where I share the feedback I got from a recent Sell with Soul teleseminar. This installment is from the show we did earlier this week called "Guiding Your Clients to the Right Decisions" where we discussed various strategies for helping clients, well, make good decisions in a real estate transaction! 
Are you asking if it's really our job to assist in the decision-making process? Aren't we just supposed to give them three options and let them decide? And advise them to contact their … (37 comments)

all blogs: WWJAHD for Rookies - The Favorit-est Tips! - 01/13/14 05:10 AM
We did our first SWS Teleseminar of 2014 last week - WWJAHD for Rookies (What Would Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn Do?) where we discussed various situations, dilemmas and concerns faced by our beloved newer agents with a theme of ... what would I (JAH) DO in this or that situation? As we usually do, at the end of the show we polled the audience for their favorite tip or tips of the day, and here's what they told us:
Favorit-est Tip #1: How to answer the question: "How long have you been doing this?" Don't lie! Your potential client has a right to know … (3 comments)

all blogs: Selling Real Estate without Selling Your Soul - the Blog-2-Book! - 01/09/14 05:05 AM

I just realized that my Selling Real Estate without Selling Your Soul Blog-to-Book set has been out nearly a month and I haven't yet publicly thanked the entity(ies) who made it possible! Bad bad Jennifer!
For the uninitiated, a Blog-to-Book is just what it sounds like - where you take your collection of online blogs, stick them between two covers and voila! You have a book!
And that's exactly what I did in 2013. I sorted through the 800+ blogs I'd written right here on ActiveRain starting in 2006, picked out my 300 or so favorites, organized them chronologically and by … (0 comments)

all blogs: WWJAHD for Rookies - Free Teleseminar! - 01/08/14 10:51 AM
Let's open the new year with a special show just for our beloved rookies! 
The WWJAHD shows are based on the question of "What Would Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn Do ?" where I respond to YOUR real estate-related dilemmas from MY perspective as the Author of Sell with Soul. I'm an expert in my own opinion :-) so of course, when asked a question about What Should Be Done, I tend to answer it as if I were the one in the situation. 
So, that's what this next SWS teleseminar show is all about, but for this particular program, we'll be addressing concerns … (3 comments)

all blogs: The Conflict to Cooperation Series - WHO Do You Have Conflict With? - 12/29/13 08:36 AM
A few weeks ago, we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Conflict to Cooperation" where my awesomely awesome co-host Mr. Bob Burg himself (co-author of the Go-Giver books and the recently released Adversaries into Allies) joined me to discuss various strategies to take potentially adversarial relationships and situations and, well, make them NOT adversarial! Or at least, get to the point of being closer to a win/win than you might be otherwise. 
I got SO much out of the show that I want to share, so this will probably become a little series - we shall see! 
So, … (3 comments)

all blogs: Bob Burg is in the House! "Conflict to Cooperation" on Thursday! - 12/11/13 07:03 AM
I'm so excited!!! Mr. Bob Burg, one of my favorite authors and an all-around wonderful human being will be in the SWS Virtual Studio in December! Mr. Burg is the co-author of the wildly successful (and awesomely awesome) Go-Giver series and he'll be joining me this Thursday, December 12th to talk about his most recent work of brilliance - Adversaries into Allies. 
During the show, we'll discuss various strategies to be respectfully persuasive when working with clients and colleagues to help maximize the likelihood that we get what we want without manipulation or coercion. 
Strategies such as:
Making "Calm" Your Default … (0 comments)

all blogs: Romancing the 'Hood - the Favorit-est Tips! - 10/28/13 09:12 AM
Romancing the 'Hood? What on earth does that mean?
You've heard of geographic farming, right? Where you blanket an area with your marketing in hopes of becoming the go-to agent in the neighborhood because the homeowners there recognize your name and know how to reach you when they have a need for real estate services? Well, Romancing the 'Hood takes that a step further so that all those homeowners not only know your name, but they also LIKE you, or at least, they like what they know about you and therefore are even more likely to hire or refer you.
That … (51 comments)

all blogs: "Getting Help" Teleseminar at SWS - The Favorit-est Tips! - 10/07/13 05:13 AM
Last week we did a teleseminar show in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Getting Help!" which was on the subject of, well, getting help - in the form of an assistant (as opposed to a partner). At the end of the show we polled the audience to tell us what tip, idea or strategy they found most insightful and here is what they told us!
Favorit-est Tip #1 (by far): When you're thinking it's time to get some help, start out with a part-time unlicensed assistant and see if that does the trick. An unlicensed assistant (aka personal assistant or "wife") … (5 comments)

all blogs: WWJAHD? This Week's SWS Teleseminar Show - 09/17/13 06:23 AM
I've been wanting to do this show for a long time - basically a "What Would Jennifer Do <in this situation>?" where I respond to YOUR real estate-related dilemmas from MY perspective as the Author of Sell with Soul. I'm an expert in my own opinion :-) so of course, when asked a question about What Should Be Done, I tend to answer it as if I were the one in the situation. 
So, that's what this next SWS teleseminar show is all about. Responding to your questions about how JAH might handle a dilemma or situation that you find yourself … (2 comments)

all blogs: Professionals Don't Need Scripts - 07/29/13 05:38 AM
Seen recently on a Facebook post of a SWS-minded real estate agent (an agent who follows Sell with Soul philosophies):
"WHY THE SCRIPTS!? Are we not past this yet as business owners and marketing professionals? As humans? Really!?"
Hold that thought.
I went to the chiropractor yesterday - my hands have been aching lately and I was hoping to find some relief. When I checked in, the receptionist asked me a series of questions related to the Reason for my Visit - "What would you rate the pain on a scale of 1-10?" "Is the pain constant or intermittent?" "How long ago did this … (87 comments)

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