jake: I Cannot Tell a Lie... it's tougher today... - 09/19/08 01:31 AM
About a year ago, my friend Loreena Yeo unintentionally challenged me. I had just written a series of blogs about a nice new real estate agent named Jake who went from the verge of failure to the heights of success, based on his effective sphere of influence campaign. On the second to last installment of the Jake story, Loreena asked the question: "Was Jake lucky? Did Jake begin his career during a boom time and therefore was able to experience success more easily than today's agent?"
Okay, so Loreena probably didn't mean it as a challenge, but I took it that … (21 comments)

jake: Was Jake Lucky? - 09/26/07 07:20 AM

In my last blog, I left you with the question posed to me by Loreena Yeo about Jake's success:
"Is Jake running on a stream of good luck? Say, he started in the mid-90s and had his 5 years into early 2001? I do not deny that Jake probably worked very hard. But do you feel that a good momentum for an agent also depends on timing of when he enters into real estate? Would you say that in a down market, that it is probably harder to get the gears rolling? Even for an experienced agent, getting … (10 comments)

jake: Reflections on Jake's Success - 09/26/07 12:22 AM
I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the Jake Series. I, myself, have become attached to him, so you'll probably see him around occasionally.
As you may have figured out, Jake is me. Jake's story is my story, although of course that I didn't "discover" SOI on Active Rain back in 1996, and, truth be told, I did struggle with my expenses during my high-production years (although I didn't spend the money on personal marketing; I spent it going WAY above and beyond what was necessary to service my listings which may have contributed somewhat to my SOI success. Got lots of … (14 comments)

jake: Life is Good... Says Jake - 09/24/07 11:18 PM
Fast Forward another three years, into Jake's fifth year selling real estate.
(Jake's story begins here.)
Jake is the perennial top producer in his office and is considering going out on his own. He works about 30 hours a week and sells around 70 properties a year. Last year his gross commissions topped $300,000 and it looks as if he'll do it again this year.
His expenses? Not bad at all. Because his business is almost 100% SOI, his marketing budget is quite low, perhaps only 5% of his gross. And that 5% is spent mostly on entertainment (lunch dates … (13 comments)

jake: Announcing our Rookie of the Year... Jake! - 09/24/07 12:08 AM
This is the fourth episode of Jake's journey... To read previous episodes, start here. 
Fast forward to year-end...Jake was the rookie of the year in his rookie "class" of nearly 100 agents. He sold 25 homes; 22 with people he knew or people he met socially. His other three clients came from floor duty and an open house. All three of these people have since referred him to their friends and family.
Here's where Jake's first 25 sales came from:
Grandma - referral from his old boss's assistantJim and Patricia (2 sales) - Met a the wedding of a mutual friendKenny … (12 comments)

jake: Jakes Sells a House... or two - 09/23/07 03:11 AM
Let's see how Jake is doing.
In case you're just joining us, read about Jake here and here.
About a week after Jake sent out his respectful, interesting, non-salesy letter to his SOI, he got a call from Sam, his old boss's assistant. Sam's grandmother was moving to town and would be looking to purchase a one-story, ground level condominium near Sam's house. Could Jake help?
"Heck yeah!" Jake exclaimed. And he did. He helped Grandma find the perfect handicapped-accessible condominium, negotiate a good price for it and get her to the closing (literally -- Grandma doesn't drive!). Grandma loves … (28 comments)

jake: The saga of Jake continues... - 09/21/07 11:46 PM
As you may recall, when we last saw Jake, he was three months into his real estate career and pretty darn close to quitting. He wasn't having any fun or making any money.
So, one day, Jake Googled the term "How not to become discouraged in real estate" and stumbled upon an article by Jennifer Allan, author of Sell with Soul. The article was about something she called an "SOI" which, upon further reading, Jake discovered stood for "Sphere of Influence" and meant "The people who know you."
Jennifer claimed that if you devote your prospecting efforts toward the people who … (14 comments)

jake: Jake's New Real Estate Career - 09/21/07 12:16 AM
Say Hello to Jake!
One fine day, Jake entered the wonderful world of real estate sales. He went to school at night, passed his test and found an office to bless with his presence.
On his first day as a licensed salesperson, his new broker greeted him heartily and said "Welcome Aboard! Here's your desk, here's your phone, best of luck to you!"
Jake was a little befuddled by this, but he did his best to do as he was told. He spent the first few months of his real estate career learning about cold-calling strangers, door-knocking neighbors, holding open houses for other … (20 comments)

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