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SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) has become a hot topic and a very interesting niche market in the world of SEO. Many people are very unfamiliar with this new concept and how it actually works. I will attempt to explain it here.SERM are tactics that many companies use to proactively pro...
It was announced today by Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter that one of the nuclear carriers in the Atlantic fleet will be moving to the Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida.  This was great news for the Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia area.  This will mean thousands of new jobs f...
Trying to keep up on your online reputation can be a time consuming task. But lucky for us there are a few really great online tools that can actually make this task much easier. By utilizing the following tools you can get up to the minute notices when someone has been blogging or posting any co...
Online Reputation Management is an on going process that needs to be practiced on a daily basis. There is a very easy way to monitor your image online. Just use Google Alerts. Google Alerts will scour the Internet during its regular schedule and alert you when it finds your name or company name (...
You better not tell Google you have the Flu.   It seems Google has decided to inform The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about any searches done for the Flu.  These updates will be in real time and will be sent directly to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Aggregated co...
Since ORM (On-line Reputation Management) has become the hot topic of the SEO world, companies are trying hard to put a dollar amount on what their reputation is worth.  This is of course no easy task, because for so long a reputation has been considered an intangible.  But of course the Internet...
I recently received a Twitter from my old friend Jim asking me why his SEO guys will not ever talk to his Web Designers.  Now before you laugh you have to understand my friend Jim and Twitter.  Yes I know the name Twitter sounds kind of funny but it is certainly easy to remember.  And before you ...
I think most people would agree that in tough economic times your marketing plan is even more important.  Your plan is the marketing outline your business should follow and grow with, even in tough times.  You may have to redefine your plan to the current economic climate but you should still fol...
For those of you who have not heard yet, Google can now read your scanned documents.   This is pretty huge and adds another dimension to your SEO.  If you put scanned documents on your website you are going to want to make sure you practice some good SEO with those documents. Google has been read...

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