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Another month of ups and downs in the real estate world! What is going on? Interestingly enough, we do actually have a really good housing market here in Ventura County and I will tell you more about why I say this and why I feel this way.  According to what I have seen or experienced as well as ...
I know a lot of buyers may beg to differ, but honestly, there are so many good deals out there, I am personally frothing at the mouth - okay, that's a little gross - but seriously, I have to pass on those great buys day after day after day - due to the same reasons buyers today are struggling - a...
That's not an easy question to answer! However, as an experienced agent - specializing in negotiating - and CLOSING - short sales, as well as bank owned homes, I have the knowledge and the tools available to me to successful help today's distressed home owner! I am not asking to strictly list - a...