sales: Holy Cow...Where did all the inventory go? - 03/09/10 11:03 AM

This is as about elementary as it can get
supply goes down and prices go up
A funny thing happened while I was doing a search for a client tonight. I plugged in their price range, deleted all short sales and hit enter. My first thought was "That can't be right".  I went back and re-checked the criteria. The client was looking for a town home or a single family home in Montgomery County priced somewhere between $300,000 and $325,000. There are only 69 listings that are active. 
Chew on that fact for a minute
It may be … (47 comments)

sales: Maybe the blind can see . . . - 10/13/09 05:22 AM

Old story........drunk man sitting by the walks up and sits next to says........boy, you sure look terrible. drunk and sitting on the curb in your underwear. .... man never lifts his head...just belches and mumbles........if you think I look bad, you should see it from my side of these bloodshot eyes.
Before humor became misogynistic and bawdy, this sort of story caused a chuckle. There is a great deal of truth in stories like this. We are all usually very guilty of seeing the world and everyone and everything in it from our own perspective.  We are apt … (38 comments)

sales: DC Area Market Report - 02/11/08 08:47 AM
Don't believe the media hype. 2007 was a good year in the DC area. The market was stronger than it was in 2006. The MacArthur Group has just released sales figures for the year and they show an increase of 57%. In 2006, the group completed transactions totalling $14,000,000. The final total for transactions completed in 2007 is a whopping $22,000,000. 2008 has shown an increased level of activity and we expect to see another increase. The pent up demand is beginning to move back into the market and it is an early indicator of a busy Spring and Summer.
The media … (11 comments)

sales: "Old agent"........NO...the market is the thing that changed. - 08/30/07 04:40 AM
For some reason, real estate is no different than any other social collective. People are comfortable talking about the "old" agent and the "new" agent. The "old" agent has been an agent for several years (in some cases, decades). The wisdom that they have to offer is the result of hundreds of transactions. Their strength is in the time they have spent in the industry. Their marketing in many cases is thought to be outdated. Many of the "old" agents support farming, floor time and open houses. They have a confirmed history of success using those techniques. They also have a … (7 comments)

sales: Something I just don't understand - 06/28/06 07:53 AM
(note: This was originally posted before I had any idea that you had to direct where it would appear.)
The spring and summer market seems to be caught up in the ice cold winter market. There does not appear to be a thaw on the horizon. Everyday more people decide to list their home. You can drive down some streets and see three, four or five for sale signs. At the rate we are going, open houses will be replaced with block party's.Speaking of open houses, I had the opportunity to host one this past weekend. I like to have copies of the … (8 comments)

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