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It's Tuesday.....but I don't think this is Belgium! As a matter of fact, I'm sure it's not Belgium, it's Willoughby, Ohio and I'm still in the hospital.  Sorry I haven't commented on any of your posts this week.....I won't have my computer until Thursday when I am transferred to rehab in Euclid, ...
It is now late afternoon, I should be out of bed already. They don't mess around. As soon as most of the anesthesia wears off, they sit you up on the side of the bed and then make you take a few steps. If you think that's impressive, wait until you see my "dismount". 
I'm probably arriving at the hospital just about now. Like the first knee replacement surgery, mine is the first of the day.  I needed to arrive at 6:00 a.m. The surgery will probably take a little over two hours and shortly after noon, I should be brought to my room. Hopefully my doc had a good ...
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I've redeemed my ActiveRain points for a trip to Tahiti. When I return, I will probably redeem what I have left for the washer/dryer combination.   It certainly would be nice if I could tell you I'm leaving on a jet plane, but I am not.  Instead, I am head...
Everything was moving along quite nicely, and it hit me, "BAM!" Tomorrow it will be three weeks since my knee replacement surgery.  It is also the day I am scheduled to have the right knee done. Physical Therapy has been going great.  My pain level is very manageable.....the only issue is a B12 a...
Feel "Good" Friday It's been quite a week between Mickey being in the hospital and needing surgery on her leg.....and me finding out I have a B12 Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia and needing infusions three days in a row. Today I have nothing but "good" news!  Yesterday I went to visit Micke...
Shakin' things up.....even with Physical Therapy Exercising after knee surgery is extremely important to strengthen all of the muscles that support the knee.  Not only is it painful, but it can be extremely boring too. No twistin'.....but shakin' is good!  The physical therapist has given me abou...
 Things you don't want to hear during surgery 1.Better save that, we'll need it for the autopsy2.Accept this sacrifice, Oh Lord of Darkness3.Hand me that, uh, thingie4.You know, kidneys are worth a lot of money, this guys got 2 of them5.What do you mean he wasn't coming in for a sex change6.I wis...
Mickey and Me.....   Mickey: GoodMinor surgery on her leg went well.  Infection is all removed and she was resting comfortably last night around 9:00 p.m. BadNot sure how much longer she will be in the hospital. UglyIf she's there much longer, off to rehab again, she looses too much strength bein...
Minor surgery is on the agenda for Mickey Luckily Mickey did not have a TIA and what hospitalized her is an infection in her leg.  The doctor thought he could lance it and clean it all out, but decided minor surgery would be best to ensure that the infection is all removed. More than likely, that...

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