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  These photos were taken on Christmas Day.  Mickey loves having her  Great Grandchildren all around her but not all of them were present, only 9 of the 19. After dinner they gathered around for a few photos. Pictured from left to right:  Back row:  Colleen, Mark, Danny, Elizabeth and Sean.  Fron...
May the light of Christmas shine on you and yours! Christmas is the time for caring and sharing.  A time to remember family, those who are with us and those who have departed and also a time to remember friends……..old and new.  But mainly, its a time to remember that "Jesus is the reason for the ...
A Christmas Carol - Presented by Great Lakes Theater By Charles Dickens The show has been running since December 2, 2011, but it's still not to late to enjoy a holiday treat with the classic "A Christmas Carol" at the Ohio Theater in Playhouse Square. The story tells of sour and stingy Ebenezer S...
Is it possible to program a "smart phone" to dial itself? What happened to common courtesy?  I’m sure it has happened to all of you at one time or another and I’m sure you were totally annoyed too.   What’s with people not showing for an appointment?  How hard is it to pick up the phone and canc...
    Please take a minute to visit my brother Anthony's website at, it's loaded with information about his services.  If you know anyone in the area of Fort Lauderdale proper, please recommend his services.  You won't find anyone who will care for you dog as well as Anthon...
  You've been "elfed!" Yesterday I friend of mine sent this to me via e-mail.  I had to share it with you. Brings a whole new meaning to LMAO!         Life is all about asses. You're either covering it, Laughing it off, Kicking it, Kissing it, Busting it, Or behaving like one.That's right, you've...
~Who Started Christmas?~   This is a story I received and wanted to share. I think it states the message well, as to what Christmas is all about. There was a recent story on the radio about  a woman who was out Christmas shopping with her two children.  After many hours of looking at row after r...
Severance Hall, Home of The Cleveland Orchestra Sunday afternoon, Mickey will be attending a performance of The Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concert at Severance Hall. Their holiday series includes: Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concert *December 11, 16, 17 Christmas Brass Quintet *December 14 a...
If you are looking for quality furniture at a reasonable price, Fish Furniture is the place to shop.  Established in 1929, Fish Furniture can take care of all of your home furnishing needs.  Sofas, chairs, dining room and bedroom furniture sets.  They also carry everything for your home office i...
Last May I wrote a post titled Come On-A My House, My House-A Come On.......................... because I had painted my kitchen cabinets and couldn’t decide what color to paint the top half of the room. Several people came up with some great suggestions, but David Ames suggested a color by Sherw...

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