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Oh I don't care where you are in your life, your age, your profession where you live on this big blue ball we call Earth... if you want to do more than just exist then you need to have a plan. Yes I mean a plan, a reason, a purpose, a dream, something you aspire to do, to become, a destination. I...
Today I am Blogging a Survey   Much of this survey is to find a common thread of what a remarkable agent does to promote themselves compared to just the mediocre agent. Yes there will be instances that more than one answer applies to the question. No there are no right or wrong responses just tru...
Just recently I decided to try a new do... I had a few gray hairs (Norwegian blonde) well I could see them. My husband said gray hair is a sign of wisdom, well I reiterated with I have enough wisdom to know I can get this hair colored!!!!  Then instead of going to my normal beautician I went to t...
I happen to live in Oregon, yes it is beautiful here, green, with mountains, valleys, Lakes, Rivers, the high desert and of course the Pacific Ocean. Did I happen to mention that here in Oregon not only do bears hibernate but, so do many of the people (LOL). Many  Oregonians don't own umbrellas, ...

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