patrick: Fall Day in Newport Beach, CA - 11/09/11 11:08 AM
It is a beautiful fall day here in Newport Beach and the temperatures are cooler, but the skies were clear and Catalina Island was visible in the distance. I took my dog Patrick for a walk this morning to enjoy the beautiful weather, and the ocean was very calm and waves were small. There were surfers and stand up paddle boarders out enjoying this fantastic weather. They all appeared to be wearing wetsuits because the water temp is cooler. I am hoping to try stand up paddle boarding soon, it looks like great exercise, and a way to just enjoy the … (2 comments)

patrick: The Paw Spa in Newport Beach, CA - 11/03/10 06:56 AM
The Paw Spa in Newport Beach, CA

The Paw Spa is an awesome dog grooming facility located on the Peninsula in Newport Beach. The Paw spa is owned by Debbie Pratto. The Paw Spa was previously known as the Newport Dog Groomery. Debbie purchased the business in 2002 after she relocated from San Diego to Newport Beach. Debbie then changed the name to the Paw Spa as it more accurately reflects the services that are provided.

I personally take Patrick, my Irish Setter, to the Paw Spa and have taken him here for years. Debbie and her staff are very … (12 comments)

patrick: Catching Some Rays in Newport Beach - 09/15/10 12:54 PM
Catching Some Rays in Newport Beach

I thought I would share a photo of my dog Patrick who is an Irish Setter. He was lounging on the deck on the footrest  (he knows where to lay down) soaking up the sun in Newport Beach. Patrick is absolutely a character and does very funny anctics. I am sure that Patrick would rather be swimming in the canal in Newport Shores, however on this day, he decided to catch some rays.

patrick: Happy Saint Patrick's Day - From Patrick - 03/17/10 08:38 AM
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – From Patrick

Patrick is my seven year old Irish Setter, and he is a character. He loves going to the beach, swimming, chasing sticks, going on walks (sometimes it is like Marlin Fishing!). Patrick is definitely part of the family. 

I thought I would share photos of Patrick today, being an "Irish Setter" and all!  

He definitely loves chasing his sticks! Not so good at bringing them to you though!
A  walk to the beach - outta there!

You might want to visit one of the Newport Beach Irish Pubs for some … (12 comments)

patrick: A Dog Day Afternoon in Newport Shores - 09/20/08 01:14 PM
A Dog Day Afternoon in Newport Shores

One of the many benefits in living in Newport Shores is the Canal that surrounds the area. The Canal is fed by the ocean, and the water level goes up and down with the tide. Many people who have lived in Newport Beach do not even realize that it exists. There are homes in Newport Shores that are built right along the Canal. The streets in Newport Shores that have homes on the Canal are Canal Street, Canal Circle and  62nd Street. The homes on Canal Street and Canal Circle have views to … (17 comments)

patrick: Look What My Daughter Brought Home . . . . - 04/12/08 04:08 AM
So yesterday (as a matter of fact this week) was incredibly busy. I have been busy taking care of clients. My daughters are on spring break this week. Yesterday my 11 year old went to a beach party all day, and called me on her way home "Mom, can I have a bunny?" I replied no, we already have a dog and do not  need any more animals.
I dropped flyer's off at a client's house, got home at about 6:45 pm only to find my daughter with her new pet. She brought home "Cocoa" and asked if we could keep her. … (29 comments)

patrick: Happy St. Patrick's Day to all Active Rainers - 03/17/08 07:25 AM
I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day. It seems that every one is already out celebrating from first thing this morning. I just ran an errand and people are walking around with their celebratory hats and green garb.
Happy St. Patrick's Day from "Patrick"

patrick: A Dog's Life in Newport Beach - 02/29/08 05:36 PM
This blog is inspired by Kent Simpson as he replied to a blog that I had written called Distractions While You are Blogging. I wrote this blog about my wonderful dog Patrick - who is always at my side - or in some capacity making noise to get my attention.
Now I know he looks very regal here - but there is a dog who wants to play underneath this expression.
So - I did receive some very favorable feedback on my blog about Patrick. I love animals and I am writing this to share A Dog's Life in Newport Beach with you.
Patrick loves to chase cats, … (9 comments)

patrick: Distractions While You are Blogging? - 02/23/08 05:01 AM
Do you ever have distractions while you are blogging? Are your children calling your name or is your dog barking. I have both.
I have a big red distraction and his name is Patrick.
Patrick is a five year old Irish Setter who still acts like a puppy. Patrick will put his face on my desk while I am writing, and occasionally will even try and stand up on my desk to get my attention, or he lays on the floor and STARES while I am writing.
I know what he wants though - he always wants to go on a walk. And … (19 comments)

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