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I just wanted to say thank you for making my fifth blog "Are You Farming Your Past Clients?" a featured post.  I must admit that I was nervous about blogging wondering how my views would be received.  I need not have worried everyone has been so friendly and helpful. My goal in writing my blog is...
I am sure some of you have heard of "reverse target marketing"!  If not then read on: In reverse target marketing we start with your listing and then we work in reverse to find a buyer.  For instance:  You have just taken a new listing.  It is a one bedroom condo in the middle of the city, or a ...
Having been brought up to know that one does not speak with your mouth full, always say yes please and no thank you and don't stare!  I am now wondering what are the rules for Business Social Networking. There are more and more online communities, ActiveRain, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to men...
One of the most important elements of any business is their database.  It is through a great database that businesses are built. So what is a database?  A database is a system that can be either stored on your computer or indexed manually.  It allows you to organize and collect data and facts.  I...
Great Customer Service is where it all starts and ends!   With all the competition and technology that is available today Agents have to work harder and spend more to attract clients.  As with my last blog "Are You Farming Your Past Clients?" it is more cost effective to receive referrals and rep...
One of the great resources for building your business is past clients.  It is amazing how many agents do not keep in contact with the people that used their services and enjoyed the experience.  According to the NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 43 percent of buyers and 41 percent of seller...
Do you know how many leads your marketing dollars produced?  It is a bit like throwing spaghetti at the wall, not all of it will stick!!!! One of the ways you can keep track of what is working is a very simple spreadsheet: Promotion/ Marketing Time Frame $ cost Leads received Listings/ Sales Comm...
According to Trulia "nearly 1 in 4 homes currently for sale have had their price cut at least once - for a shocking total of $27.4 billion off original list prices (that's more than the GDP of El Salvador)! So what does that mean for Joe Home-buyer? It means he (and you) can probably get a great ...
  One of the great resources for building your business is a well written testimonial from a satisfied client.  When searching for an Agent both buyers and sellers are looking for confirmation that this agent has the expertise to help them and are trustworthy.  Being endorsed by past clients is ...
Are you spending too much time in business support and not enough time in business development? I was reading a recent post by Gary Woltal regarding the question "To Have An Assistant, Or Not Have An Assistant, That is the Question".  After reading the comments posted by my ActiveRain colleagues ...

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