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Welcome to my blog! I usually write about three times a week....generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips. I also write about local events in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and I throw in the occasional healthy recipe.



If you can't keep up with the plot of the movie because you are distracted by the poor furniture placement and how you would improve it, you might be a home stager.   If instead of mingling with the other guests at a party, you are organizing spices in the hosts' pantry, you might be a home stage...
Curt and Deborah Sleeper have found themselves in the terrible position that many current homeowners have found themselves.  They could lose their home, due to their mortgage balloon payment coming due on May 1.  What is interesting about Curt and Deborah's home is that their home is built in a c...
Ten months ago, April 16, 2008, I wrote a post My Boy is Going To Have A Baby celebrating the wonderful news that my son and his wife were having a baby.  We could not have been happier.  It was the announcement of our first grandchild.  It is still my favorite post, full of love and pride. On Ma...
I've been getting a great response to my posts with recipes lately so I thought I would share my two favorite places to go when I'm looking for a recipe. One place I love to check when I'm looking for healthy is Eating Well.  I subscribed to the magazine for a couple of years, so I have back issu...
Recently, I posted a recipe for haddock using Rice Krispies cereal.  Here is another haddock recipe, even more healthy and just as delicious. BAKED HADDOCK WITH ALMONDS   1 lb haddock (Serves 2) 1 cup sliced raw almonds 3 tbsp olive oil   This is so simple.  All you do is place haddock on lightly...
Do you need a creative and attractive way to display photos for a presentation?  Instead of purchasing the standard foam core display board and using a typical easel, why not use something you probably already have at home. (If you are a home stager, you will have these items.)   You not only sav...
I was reading through different blogs this morning and I'm not really sure why, but suddenly found myself wondering who my very first comment came from.      I've been on ActiveRain for over a year now and this is my 112th post.    I remembered how nervous I was writing that first one and how exc...
Many years ago, in an attempt to eat healthier, my mother created a recipe to replace her favorite fried haddock.  Her delicious haddock recipe was passed on to me and then to my daughters. It is one of our family favorites, very easy to make, and much healthier for those looking to cut fried foo...

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