selling new hampshire home: Reduce The Stress of Selling Your House By Preparing It Sooner - 12/13/15 09:39 PM
It's a wonderful thing when a seller is serious about preparing their house for sale and is willing to do what it takes to make it shine. I recently did a Home Staging Consult for one of these very smart homeowners.
Even though they don't plan to list until spring, she wanted me to create a to-do list for her so they would have more than enough time to make the necessary improvements.
More time invested now means less work after the sale, and less stress overall!
The house is huge and the style and paint colors have not been updated in a … (34 comments)

selling new hampshire home: NH Home Staging FAQ - Do I Still Need An Agent If I Stage My Home? - 05/28/15 05:08 AM
Obviously, as a Home Stager I believe in the power of preparation and presentation. Making your home as appealing as possible prior to listing is crucial to a successful sale. However, appearance alone does not sell a home.
Selling a home requires a strategic marketing plan.
Even homes that practically sell themselves due to prime location and/or great condition still require a lot of work leading up to the closing table.  
Homeowners who attempt to sell their own house do so without a proven, successful marketing plan. Their price and expectations are usually unrealistic. They have less exposure to potential buyers and spend more … (20 comments)

selling new hampshire home: NH Home Staging FAQ - Does Furniture Placement Really Influence Buyers? - 05/07/15 09:30 PM
NH Home Staging FAQ - Does Furniture Placement Really Influence Buyers?
In a word, YES.  What's comfortable and convenient for the sellers is usually not all that visually appealing to potential buyers.
Most sellers underestimate the importance of furniture placement.  How the furniture is arranged could actually be the deciding factor for a potential buyer choosing between two homes.
The arrangement and the amount of furniture in a room can:
Determine how large or small the room appears
Help clearly define the purpose of the room
Highlight positive and minimize negative features of the room
When arranging furniture in preparation to sell your home, remember...          … (28 comments)

selling new hampshire home: NH Home Staging - Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do - 02/02/15 09:13 PM
Selling a home is a very emotional experience, for so many reasons. Once your house is officially listed the wait begins and, for those of us prone to anxiety, it's a big deal each and every time the phone rings.
Whether you are waiting to hear a showing has been requested, waiting to hear feedback on a showing, or waiting to hear the response to your counter can feel like an eternity.
We listed our home three years ago. Our wonderful agent's name was Marion.
Every single time our phone rang my husband would yell "MARION!!"  with a sense of urgency in … (34 comments)

selling new hampshire home: First Impressions Are Emotional, Involuntary & Uncontrollable - 12/15/14 02:45 AM
As a Home Stager in New Hampshire I help sellers prepare their homes for sale.  I educate home sellers and listing agents on the power and importance of preparation.  Preparing a home for sale is imortant because most buyers can't see potential. They determine a home's value based on what is presented to them.
A home is only worth what a buyer thinks it's worth. Buyer's perception starts with their first impression...that gut feeling they get as they search the MLS or when they walk into a home for the first time.
I recently wrote a post, It's The Rare Buyer … (91 comments)

selling new hampshire home: Do You Need More Evidence of The Importance of MLS Pictures? - 11/07/14 03:19 AM
As a professional Home Stager I believe MLS photos are one of the most powerful tools a seller has.  This week real estate broker, Tammy Lankford, wrote about her own research into the correlation between days on market and the quality/quantity of mls photos.  In her post,  How Many Photos Does Your Home Have In The MLS? , Tammy asks sellers if they ever look at their own listing online.  
It's a good question.  Based on many of the mls photos I see it's hard to believe that all sellers are checking to see what photos their agent is using to market their home. … (47 comments)

selling new hampshire home: Increase Your Home's Perceived Value And Sell Your Home Sooner - 09/22/14 05:36 AM
Planning to list your house for sale?  Hoping to be on the market for as short a time as possible?  Although there are no guarantees for a quick sale, there are steps you can take to greatly increase your odds of success.
It doesn't matter if your house is listed at $75,000 or $750,000....potential buyers must believe it is worth it's asking price.  A home is only worth what a buyer believes it to be worth.
What creates an impression of value in the minds of potential buyers?
Clean and spacious rooms
Fresh paint in current, neutral tones

selling new hampshire home: Selling Your New Hampshire Home - The Magic Of Mulch - 04/29/12 09:26 PM
Preparing your house for sale is stressful, and it's a lot of work.  But, if you make the effort to do it right, the ordeal doesn't have to last quite as long.  It helps to think of your house as a product that requires strategic marketing.
  Retailers display products in visually appealing packaging for good reason.  Your house, and surrounding property, require sprucing up if you want it to appeal to buyers.
When it comes to curb appeal there's no greater bang for your buck than mulch.
 Mulch is to the exterior what paint is to the interior.
 It's the first layer upon which you build... … (32 comments)

selling new hampshire home: Advice From A New Hampshire Home Stager - Don't Sell Your HOME - 12/02/11 03:59 AM
Advice From A New Hampshire Home Stager -  Don't Sell Your HOME
As a professional home stager in New Hampshire, I've seen too many sellers make this major real estate marketing mistake.  Sellers who fail to realize that they must cut the cord of emotional attachment before listing a house for sale are setting themselves up for failure.
Once you decide to sell,  make sure you are selling A HOUSE... not YOUR HOME.
Here's a great post, written by Janice Ankrett, with helpful advice on making the process an easier one.

We all have an emotional attachment to our … (12 comments)

selling new hampshire home: Preparing Your New Hampshire House For Sale? Potential Buyers Don't Care! - 11/12/11 06:26 AM
Preparing your New Hampshire home for sale?  Here's some valuable advice from Liz and Bill Spear, Ohio super agents...
The bottom line is "Your buyer doesn't care" -  If you keep this in mind while preparing your house for sale, you'll find yourself with a buyer much sooner!  
It's not about's all about THE BUYER!
Dear Home Seller, some important things to know that your home’s potential buyer doesn’t care about: (in no particular order)
• That you paid more than you’re asking now and have to bring money to closing! They only care about market value and getting … (19 comments)

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