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                                                                 The media and our industry have been crazed with news of the subprime market, in its disasterous state, and how that very state may lure our very economy into a downslide of Apocalyptic proportions.  I'll try to be as diplomatic as ...
Inspirational Message To Follow: I seldom pass along inspirational stuff, but this one inately got to me. I believe, in these difficult and mean-spirited times in which we live and the very tough times that our industry is facing, there needs to be a message of Hope. We can all use a single image...
Good Morning....more information ran across my desk.  One of my reps from my wholesale lenders gave me a heads up and I figured I would pass it along.  Below I wanted to share an important email from Bill Donivan, the president of  the central chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of Mortgage B...
  First know, I'm that annoying mortgage guy.  Secondly know, that at this point I don't ask for business...I earn it.  Number three you should know, I try to see it from both ends.  Lastly, I'm nobody's lap dog but if you'd like to pet me and throw me a bone, I'll play that game.    I'm not a bi...
Let humility reign down upon me.                Years ago I was told by the senior partner of our firm here in Pennsylvania, "In this business, every mistake costs you money."  Oh, so very right.  So I wanted to take this time, these moments, to reflect on some mistakes I've made that not only co...
  Every once in awhile in this industry, I am amazed at the marketing efforts put forth by companies I see all over the board.  I try like heck to make sure I always take notice of mail, television, radio, flyers, etc, all designed to induce customers not only to refinance, but to do it with that...

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