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***First Off, let me preface this by making something perfectly clear.  No matter what program or product you are getting into to buy a home, I highly recommend making sure you have money (reserves) in the bank after your loan closes.  Call it 'rainy day' money or whatever you want, you don't wan...
Catchy title, eh?  I don't want this to be a scathing documentary advising the masses to not work in the Mortgage Industry, yet I do want to state a spade as I see it.  I learned long ago to never treat or think about another's job as if it was ‘easy' or ‘anybody' could do it.  I never wanted to ...
There have been mixed reviews about Adjustable Rate Mortgages throughout the Real Estate Industry, our beloved Media, & the General Public as a whole.  Personally, I stand by the credence that they are a very good product & tool for some people.  Just because Neighbor Bob, who is being transferre...
It's funny.  My mother & father are pretty good with finances, they have a ton of equity in their home and a pretty wide array of money in retirement, stocks, etc.  Yet, when it comes to mortgages, they are like most people....they don't really understand them or how to shop for them.  About a ye...
Just two more tries and he would reach his destination... He rose quickly with his eyes, focusing away from the screen to peer anxiously at the window, staring down the somewhat dim lights that huddled over the city he sat in. There were moments of unrest, of uneasiness, of unparalleled cynicism ...
I got a call from an old friend of mine shortly after the New Year.  He wanted to consolidate his 1st & 2nd Mortgages into one loan at a reduced term, a financially savvy decision for sure.  So, onward we went with the process.Now, this young gent lives in a rather eclectic neighborhood with prop...

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