god: My First, Or Second, Interview With .... - 03/28/12 02:28 PM
After throwing a few questions God's way and interviewing Ron Paul, this next subject seems mundane ... and that is putting it nicely.
While he is more interesting than your Aunt Clara, he can't drink more than the late Andre The Giant.  He is by far the most misunderstood unknown guy this side of Pecan Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He no longer wets the bed.  He hasn't had a stiff drink in 24 hours and doesn't mind finishing a 50th push-up with a smoke dangling from his lips.  He is less unique than Harper's Index and more contrived than a … (18 comments)

god: My First Interview With God. - 01/04/12 01:54 PM
Quick preface here:  I recently wrote a post about Tim Tebow.  Frankly, I'm tired of folks giving him a bad rap for being a religious fellow.While I'm not by definition the religious type, seems to me that Timis a great kid and a better role model than most professional athletes. I ended that post with the following:
"And if Denver faces Pittsburgh in the Playoffs, two believers (Troy & Tebow) will collide.  My guess is the better Football Team will win.  And God will face a more interesting challenge, like who will replace Andy Rooney on 60 minutes?"
As reality would have … (44 comments)

god: Good Lord, we gotta a lot of God! - 05/10/11 05:13 PM
When posed with the question of whether or not I believe in God, I typically answer the same way every time.  For the record, I believe in a Higher Power and am damn sure I'm not it.
My evidence for such a belief is pretty consuming.  I don't think a Higher Power (aka, God) would partake in cheap beer on a Tuesday Evening still pissed off that the Celtics lost last night.  That automatically raffles me out of the equation of being God.  And as far as my belief in a God, if Mother Nature doesn't tip the hat that perhaps … (27 comments)

god: If one sentence could speak ... - 02/27/10 07:39 AM
"If I could tell the future, I would have never lived the past."
                               ~ Gunther Moses ~
By nature & definition, I'm not much of a religious guy.  Though, anybody who knows me is quite aware that I believe in a higher power.  So much so that you won't be finding me holding hands with John Travolta at the next L. Ron Hubbard Reunion speech.
A lot of serious shit happens in this world.  A lot of petty stuff does as well.  As a man who bleeds, I do wonder about it all ...
I wonder why Robert lost his … (19 comments)

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