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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
I love to travel but the journey there and back is never easy. I depart from Nairobi tonight for Qatar, and then a connecting flight to JFK and finally a 3-4 hour car ride back to Massachusetts. I have seen and learned a lot. I have been on ugly roads and experienced magical animals with people I...
What a ride I have been on for close to two weeks. I am still in Kenya. I have seen much and learned more. Along with experiencing the wild, I have been to a Masai Village. It is hard to describe what it was like. I was uncomfortable. The people live hard lives and very basic ones. The homes are ...
I am back in Nairobi tonight. I have been on safari all week and it has been magical. I have seen and learned so very much. Being in another world some 10,000 miles away is always eye opening. Kenya is beautiful and yet broken. There is so much poverty and so much beauty. There is trash everywher...
I am changing direction just a bit today. I am still in Kenya and enjoying myself but Thanksgiving is tough for me. I lost my Mom on Thanksgiving and even though it has been years It is difficult. My way of coping is reaching out and being away. Since my family of humans is essentially gone I mad...
I am still in Kenya. Life is tough for the Kenyan people and a day doesn't pass where I am not really grateful for being born in the United States and to my parents of Blessed Memory. Yesterday we traveled to a place for lunch that was on a road like none I have ever seen in my life. We all marve...
It is impossible to explain just how different today has been. I am in a place called The Ark, in northwest Kenya. It is a place shaped like The Ark where animals of every variety come to water, and we are right there. I'm including a lioness from earlier and a few Buffalo from a few minutes ago.
I am in Kenya in the middle of a game park. It has rained and then it got hot and humid. The animals have been wonderful. Yesterday I saw a mother lion and her pups consuming an earlier kill. The Mom then climbed a tree and posed for pictures. I was within feet and it was surreal. I will try and ...
I am grateful for my freedom and my capacity to appreciate it where ever I go. As I write this I am in Kenya and it is now Sunday morning. It isn't easy to time my posts because I am eight hours ahead od Eastern Time and twelve hours beyond Active Rain time. I'm doing my best and will try and coo...
I love to travel and I am grateful for that. I started after college and have never stopped, getting gutsier and gutsier the more I do it. I am in Kenya today. As I arrived after taking about 28 hours getting here, this figure outside the Nairobi airport greeted me. Today, the quest for actual an...
In another part of the world I am grateful for the chance to travel and the safe journey I made here. The world is small but there are hardships to contend with and I am relieved to have come through the journey safely. I was concerned about my flights and the transfer in Qatar, but I am now in N...

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