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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
It's cold it's icy and I am home. The night before I left for the Florida coast my car slid off the driveway into a tree and while it is out now I am pretty cautious. I'm hoping to be out and about shortly and looking to gain my winter footing and confidence again. Enjoy your day.
I have learned a few things in the last couple of days. I left the cold and the familiarity of my home and went to a tranquil, if simple place, in Florida. Singer Island is quiet, really quiet. I knew no one but I am comfortable in my own skin everywhere. Things were different in Singer Island. T...
What a lovely few days I have enjoyed here. The weather was perfect and the hotel really relaxing. I was lucky enough to enjoy the book I brought and be able to finish it. I don't know what today will bring because I am traveling but I am glad I went and will be happy to get home. Some more pictu...
I have had AAA for thirty years and been a "valued member" of Delta's mileage club for more time than that. In all that time I have used triple AAA but once until last week. I had an emergency and I was on hold for an hour and twenty minutes. Unacceptable. Now I'm on hold with Delta Airlines. I h...
I live in an area I love, in a home I made in a state that offers everything including seasons. It has been a joy from day one coming to realize I am where I want to be and where I belong. That said, as the snow blows and the temperatures drop, I am grateful to enjoy these views for a couple of d...
It is early and I will soon be on a beach in a very lovely place in the south. These birds however, are still literally and figuratively snow birds, puffing up and doing their best in western Massachusetts. Each of us is the only one who can give ourselves the best we can. Bloom where you are pla...
There was a great deal of snow on Thursday. I shoveled my deck and a lawn area below twice during the day. When all was said and done there was a total of seventeen inches. It was really cold and windy. Of my four pups Chico is the youngest and the smallest. The others were in and out quickly but...
I was surprised with this one. I thought there would be a lot of correct answers but alas either folks didn't guess, or didn't know. Long before I visited this glorious place I had wanted to. I saw any number of wonderful programs about this magical destination before going and since. If you miss...
I think this is a really easy one. Even if you haven't been here I believe this photo should be familiar to most folks. This is known world wide for being the biggest of its kind. You can enter from the street , but observe it from the water. I have been around the world but there is nothing like...
It is mild now, but the forecast is calling for 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow. I like snow and we in western New England haven't had much this year so I am hoping to see a lot when it comes. The next day will be warmer so no cabin fever here. I do have an appointment tomorrow night so my four whee...

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