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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
What a wonderful last minute surprise I had yesterday. My friend and Active Rain colleague James Dray was on the east coast and we were able to have a Mini Meet-Up in Springfield Massachusetts without any real planning or advance notice. I got a a comment on my last post and James told me where h...
Every day is a new adventure, known or unknown, expected or a surprise. Because it is impossible to predict the future but essential to plan anyway, I try and deal with the dailies. Just like a movie director, I look at what each day brings and attempt to make it better by tweaking it, and if nec...
For most folks home equity is the single most significant financial holding they have in retirement. I know it was for me. So the message here is a simple one, the sooner you buy and the better you maintain, the more likely you are to have made a great financial contribution to your own well bein...
Sometimes it is tempting to look. What is on the other side of that fence? Who is in that back room? What did he/she get from that place? We are all curious and inquisitive. In business it is imperative to know the answers to the questions which impact our job. You simply must know the intimate d...
The day after that big party or an expensive meal had out you may wonder if the cost was worth it. In business we spend a great deal of time and money preparing for things, and then they are over. How do you evaluate the worth of something to you? It is hard to put a value on things but things do...
Like the wind, business blows hot and cold and often without any warning: it just happens. When you work as an independent contractor there is always an ebb and flow that is unpredictable. I learned in the business that preparedness is essential to stay viable and calm and most importantly stay i...
Sometimes decisions are made that come back and bite you. There is no way to know that a good idea today could turn out to be a problem or disappointment later. Things just happen and often it is difficult to really think through all the pluses and minuses until you are dealing with the reality. ...
My blog posts have been serious and absolutely focused this month. Challenges tend to bring out my professional voice. That said I have had a number of visitors lately and this one taught me a few things this past weekend.When I was young I was punk-ed by my then boyfriend in front of his family....
In life there are always compromises. In business I call these things reconciliations because we do the best we can to bring two or more unlike things together, and then move on as best we can. There are always things I am unable to reconcile, but when I concentrate and focus on what I can do the...
For many in the real estate industry any work is good work, any client is worth having, and any business is better than none. I am of a different view perhaps because I have experienced the joy of succeeding in difficult circumstances, and the cost of failure when I thought success was a sure thi...

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