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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
In life stuff happens: some things wonderful and other things that shake us to the core. In my life I have found that the best way to get through the difficulties we will all face, is just keep moving forward and accept the help that is offered. Often the people who show up to help are not the on...
I have had a busy and difficult couple of weeks. Two weeks ago today I had two surgeries. I had follow up doctors appointments, worked the last couple of weekends and went to a seminar about Medicare and changed providers. Between that stuff and life, I have been busy and I am tired. So this week...
Yesterday was a very special day. A colleague and I spent the day at Naumkeag, the museum I work at a couple days a week, cleaning and decorating for Christmas. I am Jewish so this was very special. I have never had a tree and there is none at Naumkeag either, but the shop is radiant with all kin...
It isn't winter but it isn't spring either. The temperatures have fluctuated so much that after my yard was cleaned for the season the forsythia is starting to flower. It is sunny and seasonable today but tomorrow, if the forecasts are true, it will be windy with snow. Just a sultry Saturday in N...
So here is what I found out. Every state is different and even parts of the state you live in may vary in terms of offerings. Where I live there are two options: the one I have and the one I will have beginning in January. I have always made important decisions based on the following criteria: th...
Life is replete with memories of times gone by and people both here and absent. With the holidays approaching it is impossible not to remember those people and places. For me thoughts of home are fluid and include reflections of many who I loved and lost. Unlike houses that are simply brick and m...
It used to be Black Friday offers and craziness and now that doesn't seem to matter anymore as the offers and advertisements are happening now. I have no problem with people celebrating early and often but with the terror around the world I am really irritated by the non stop television and other...
I haven't written about shelters or rescues in awhile so today I do so. There are tens of thousands of wonderful animals all over the country that wait in shelters and many never make it out. There isn't a type of pet you can't find there and saving a dog or cat is one of the most special gifts y...
Today I saw my surgeon to remove the staples he had put in during a procedure last week: they really hurt and I was so looking forward to them being gone. Fast forward to this morning. The staples are gone and the pain is worse. I guess messing with a vulnerable body has its downsides. I'm hoping...
I have found that at the hardest times in my life the best thing I can do is get out of my own way and help others. Whether this help is professional or personal, doing for someone else makes things focus and ultimately helps me out of whatever is going on for me. That's my insight for today. 

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