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VA Home Loans are a Huge Benefit to Veterans Military Veterans have a wonderful home loan program available to them. It is by far the best loan product out there.  With no down payment, no monthly private mortgage insurance, very low interest rates and flexible credit guidelines, this loan is cer...
Take charge of your financial future with shorter length home loans With everything that goes into purchasing a home, many people overlook one very important financial tool. If they would take some time to compare payments on fifteen year and thirty years; they may be very surprised that the paym...
The Low Down on No and Low Down Payment Home Loans If you listen and believe the national media reports regarding home loans, you may be inclined to think you need 20% down on a home purchase and home ownership is out of reach. But, in reality, there are several loan programs with little and even...
How To Improve Credit Scores Suggestions for help in improving credit scores: Collection accounts- Accounts that have gone into collection within the last couple of months; pay them off and obtain proof of payment. Accounts that have gone into collection within the last 4-12 months; just leave th...
VA Manufactured Home Loans are available in Delaware. Veterans with a certificate of eligibility can obtain home loans for manufactured homes. The home needs to be a Class C; real property. The title needs to be retired and the home and land taxed together. Credit scores of 500 and above are allo...
Manufactured Home Loans in Delaware Yes, there are manufactured home loans available in Delaware. It's a good thing becaused there are quite a number of these homes in the state, especially in Sussex County, near the beaches. In this article I am focusing on what the parameters are through FHA. W...
VA Streamline Refinance Loans in Delaware  VA Streamline Refinances are available to lower your interest rate, payments and/or years remaining. It is a VA Guaranteed loan to refinance an existing VA Guaranteed loan. You can choose a 15 or 30 year term. There are adjustable rates available but I w...
My Community Mortgage – Community Solutions    There is a little known mortgage loan program especially for educators, public safety workers, health care workers and military personnel.  Down payment can be as little as 3% and it doesn’t have to come from the borrowers’ own funds. There is no up ...
Six Common Misconceptions Regarding Home Loans A twenty percent down payment is not required. There are many loan programs that allow little or even no down payment. You do not need stellar credit to qualify for a home loan. Most loan programs are looking for 640 and above although some go down t...
FHA Streamline Refinances are a good option for people that bought their homes with a higher interest rates than what are currently available. The up front mortgage insurance premium is based on a .01% multiplier which is extremely low. The monthly Mortgage Insurance premium is based on a .55% mu...

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