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A New Home for Sale in Sandy Springs This home is the awesome results of homebuilding knowledge and experience at its best.   The mix of the homebuilder's wisdom, experience and youth is reflected in the quality and design of this home.   Great attention is given to how the residents will live an...
You have been working rather hard for several years now, have gained position, accumulated assets.  Truly an Atlanta Young Professional. But you are still living in someone's else property.  Still paying rent!!!  Really now!!  Take the time out and review your situation. Don't want to live quite ...
The news media keeps reminding us how ugly the real estate market is and will remain for sometime.  But a funny thing, I get calls through out the day, regarding available homes for sale in Atlanta.   People are looking to buy, and they know there are great deals out there.  This is the funny thi...
The mayor of Alpharetta Arhur G. Letchas proudly announced the City of Alpharetta has reduced the millage rate on which the property tax is based to 5.75 mills, a reduction of 8% from the last Fiscal year.  Along with the homestead exemption available to homeowners , Alpharetta citizens will be p...
On the calendar of events for Alpharetta residents is the document shredding day, Saturday Sept. 13, 10A.M. to 1P.M.   Action Secure Shredding will have a commercial shredding truck at this location to shred documents while you watch.  The limit is ten boxes.   For further information you can cal...
You graduated from college, had a great job offer in Atlanta, Georgia.  You packed up your belongings from your college apartment, and moved to Atlanta.  You found an affordable apartment not too far from your job. You have been working for four years.  You really like your job, feel great when y...
The Georgia Entertainment Industry has grown substantially from its early beginnings.  It is currently a $2 billion dollar industry encompassing film, television, gaming, commercials, and music videos, supporting 150 business and 5,500 employees.    To give a further boost to the industry in 2008...
  Forbes latest article has brought to the fore front the influx of young professionals into the Atlanta area.  These young professionals generally first look for a place to rent.   When they become established in their positions, and decide they are going to live in Atlanta for the next several ...
Atlanta has been named one of the best cities for young professionals.  It is no wonder, as  12 companies on the Fortune 500 list for 2008 have their headquarters based in Atlanta.  Atlanta placed fifth in the nation among cities with the most Fortune 500 headuarters.   Fortune compiles its annua...
The recent buzz around the business world has labeled Atlanta as one of the best cities for young professionals to live and work.  Dubbed as the "young and restless", "they are the most sought after talent in the country.  Cities want them for their economic future.  Companies want them for their...

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