tax credit: Tax Credits Are Gone . . . . What's Next? - 05/15/10 04:30 AM
With the tax credits being gone you may be asking yourself  if you should still consider buying a home. 
If you are a real estate professional, your clients may be asking you the same question.
There are 3 perspectives you need to look at when considering purchasing a home in today's market: 
Home Values Net Effect of Payments "Emotional Benefits" Please take a few minutes to watch the video by clicking next to the red arrow to hear the answers to these questions.
What's Next Without the Tax Credit? (about 5:25 minutes)
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tax credit: How to Avoid Making a $17,790 Mistake - 04/10/10 07:32 AM
You only have 22 days left to get that dream house under contract before the Federal tax credits expires - April 30th.  You then have until June 30th to get to settlement and fund the purchase.
We've put together a quick online presentation explaining how the combination of rising interest rates, potentially rising home prices, and the value of equity growth all contribute to making the purchase decision more important than ever. 
Watch this presentation and send it to your database ASAP.  It very clearly shows how they can avoid making a $17,790 mistake.
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tax credit: 3 Reasons Your Buyers Need to Get Off the Fence - 02/07/10 01:42 PM
 Your buyers need to get off the fence and act - tax credits, FHA changes, and interest rates all provide the incentive to purchase - may this presentation can provide the motivation.  We've created an online presentation explaining each of these incentives to act quickly.  We show how few days there really are left for buyers to act and qualify for the tax credit.  We review the changes in FHA mortgage programs that will make financing more expensive, and we outline the Fed's plans to complete it's MBS purchase program after March 31st.
A link to this presentation is below.  Please … (1 comments)

tax credit: Marketing the Tax Credit - An Historic Opportunity - 01/06/10 02:50 AM
We call this an historic opportunity because there are few times in our history in which homes have been more affordable. Home prices are down because of the preponderance of foreclosures.  Rates are at historic lows, making monthly payments very affordable. In addition, the government is now subsidizing home purchases with a $6,500 tax credit for move-up buyers and an $8,000 tax credit for first-time buyers. One word of caution. This is a historic opportunity, but it is for a limited time only. Contracts must be signed by April 30th of 2010 and closings must occur by June 30th of 2010. So … (0 comments)

tax credit: Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension - Online Presentation - 11/30/09 03:14 AM
Yes, the $8,000 tax credit has been extended for the first time homebuyer to April 30, 2010.  In addition, the move-up/repeat buyers have an opportunity to receive a $6,500 tax credit.  You have all probably seen information on this - you might have even seen too much information.
What I've done here is post a link to our online presentation of the new and extended tax credits that you can view and send to your client base if you think it's worthwhile.  I hope this helps you build more business as a provider of expert information to your clients.
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tax credit: Newsletters for November are Posted - 11/01/09 12:12 PM
Here are my newsletters for the month of November.  They are posted on my website - - or you can click on the links below to access the PDF files.  Feel free to distribute to your clients.  
November 2009 Real Estate Trends - Will the Tax Credit be extended?  FHA to move to 5.0% down?
November Real Estate Page - Obtaining the best appraisal in any market  
November Sales Update - Time Management for sales professionals
I'll post more detail in a day or so about each topic, but wanted to give everyone quick access now.

tax credit: Is Time Running Out for First Time Buyers? - 10/04/09 02:54 AM
As we enter into the last quarter of 2009 and prepare for 2010 I have some concerns that the sun will be setting on the advantages for the first time homebuyer. First and most importantly, the $8,000 tax credit expiring midnight November 30th.
Second, home prices have begun moving up in the lower end of the market - where the first time buyer is typically looking.  And third, we are surely going to pay the piper with regard to interest rates in the future.
We've laid out these concerns in our monthly online presentation entitled "Is time Running Out For The … (2 comments)

tax credit: Owning vs. Renting Gap Shrinking - 08/23/09 02:35 AM
The recent study released by the Associated Press that was conducted by Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment firm shows that the scales are tipping toward ownership.  The gap between the mortgage payment on a median priced home has shrunk when compared to median rent.
View our presentation here:  New Study Shows Owning vs. Renting Gap Shrinking
Reminder:   Less than 100 days until the $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit expires
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tax credit: Time is Running Out for the $8,000 Tax Credit - 07/25/09 09:16 AM
The deadline to receive the benefits of the $8,000 tax credit is fast approaching  - are you ready?  Are your clients ready?
You might hope Congress increases the credit and extends the timeframe beyond this December, but do you really want to have your client sitting there waiting and then Congress doesn't act?
Do you want to learn:
The difference between a Tax Credit and a Tax Deduction How much time do you really have before it expires How to receive your money faster I thought you might like to know more about "$8,000 Tax Credit -- How much Time is … (2 comments)

tax credit: Woops! My AGI is too High! - 02/21/09 07:50 AM
There is a little-known provision in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 that authorizes a PARTIAL TAX CREDIT if a first-time home buyers income EXCEEDS the adjusted gross income (AGI) limit of $75,000 for a single person and $150,000 for a married couple. 
Two important things you need to know:
            1. "Income" is defined as the Adjusted Gross Income "line" on 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ. Yes, it actually says those words within the line item.
            2. The "Partial Tax Credit Income Cap" is $20,000 - and by the way, that's the dollar basis for the formula we're about to … (0 comments)

tax credit: Like a Solar Eclipse - How Long Will This Home Buyer Eclipse Last? - 02/21/09 03:40 AM
The passage of the Stimulus Bill and the $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers got me thinking about aligning stars and eclipses.  How long will this first time home buyer eclipse last?  We have the perfect alignment of "sun and earth and moon"; i.e. lowest mortgage rates in decades, home prices that are not running away from the first time buyer's ability to pay, and now this $8,000 tax credit.  How long will the opportunity last?
Click on the link below to find out more and please feel free to share with friends, family, clients, etc.
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