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I was recently hired to perform a home inspection on a bank owned foreclosure. Upon arriving at the property the first thing that caught my eyes was the concrete block foundation. As you can clearly see from these two pictures there is a large vertical crack over 1 inch wide in the corner block a...
When taking a nature walk through the woods today, I kept having this feeling that I was being watched. I would turn and look behind me every so often, but of course no one was there. I'd look up into the trees and again no one there, but still I could not shake this awkward feeling that there wa...
One never knows what one is going to run into when taking a nature walk in my neck of the woods. So here I am walking down the riverbank with my trusty camera when I spot this:                       Yep, it's a big heavy wooden chair built to resemble what appears to be a throne of sorts. Well it...
My friend and I caught my husband in the act and we have the pictures to prove it. I had gone out for a long afternoon nature walk with my friend Kim. We intended to do some spring-cleaning around the many acres surrounding the property where we live and everyone knew we were going to be gone for...
During a recent home inspection I ran into this very limited access space that you see here. I was told by the other inspector I was with that given the obviously near perfect condition of this houses' exterior, I shouldn't be overly concerned with trying to crawl under there. Well let's face it,...
I was totally amazed when I discover these stairs. It seems that they date back well over 150 years. Can you imagine the type of craftsmanship that it must have taken to construct these steps so long ago with the limited hand tools of the time? I wonder how may men and how long a period of time ...
I've been asked on several occasions how we know when spring has finally arrived in Pennsylvania. Well this is one of the more obvious signs. When things finally begin to turn green and the flowers finally start to blossom you know that spring has finally arrived.       I am somewhat amused by th...
When one is out on nature walks it is always wise to watch where one is walking. It is sometimes even wiser to watch out for might by rising out of the ground behind you. Okay, so he wasn't really rising out of the ground behind me, but I had no idea he was there until I turned and was startled b...
Today was another beautiful day in the Pocono's. By 10:00 the crisp spring are had nicely warmed to above 55 degrees and I was out on my porch with my second cup of coffee enjoying the view. That was when I spotted my two friends frolicking around on the little island the middle of the river. Ozz...
No, I didn't get a cat confused with a dog. This is indeed the story about my in counter with Clint the Watch Cat. Clint is usually perched on the rock outside his home. Pretty much the way you see him here. Clint sits there and watches everyone and every thing that comes near the home of his hum...

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