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What lies beneath? No I’m not referring to the movie were Harrison Ford plays the adulterous, murderous husband. I’m referring to the crawlspace your house is sitting on. Most people have no idea what’s going on in their crawlspace. They’ve never been down there and have no intentions of going do...
What a drag. Active Rain’s not responding again. It was about 4:20 this morning when I posted my 10th comment for the day that it happened, Active Rain stopped responding. It was terrible; I was having so much fun. I had just commented on Susan Neal’s post: Speechless Sunday: Nighttime visitor in...
Be careful or the bears may get you! My daughter in law has been warning son and their kids to be careful when approaching the woods because of the rising bear population. I’ve been telling my children to be very careful when walking down the road as we live in a wooded area and we have a large b...
Do you feel like you’re going over the edge? I hear that there are no jobs out there. Real Estate isn’t selling. Builders aren’t building and those who did are sitting on their homes. Contractors are working for less than before or not at all. Home inspectors have given up and left the field. So,...

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