cary: The Short Way Home™ by Scott Korbin, MBA, Broker in Charge, Triangle Home Masters - 10/04/11 04:11 PM
Hello friend,You are reading this blog because you care enough about your future to look for better direction, more confidence and greater capabilities. Perhaps you want to do more Short Sales (or your first one) but you don't know exactly how to make them work for you. "Where do I start?" you ask. Even if you could just pick any starting point, you soon find yourself asking "What makes me different?" "Why should they choose me?" And once you figure out that you really do have meaninful relationships in your Circle of Influence that will support this opportunity, you find yourself … (0 comments)

cary: Don't Be Afraid of Short Sales! Another Approval w/Bank of America (1st) & SunTrust (2nd) - 09/04/11 03:17 PM
I am happy to announce another Short Sale Approval, this time for a property located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Many property owners (and Real Estate Brokers) are reporting how perplexed they are after having made what they believe were extra-ordinary efforts to communicate with their respective lenders in hopes of turning their deteriorating situations into positive outcomes - the ultimate being a successful Short Sale. In this case, the Seller/Borrower was in default for over a year and facing imminent foreclosure. After the Seller's unsuccessful effort to get a Short Sale Approved (utilizing another Broker) at a price nearly $100,000 over … (1 comments)

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