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In the eyes of some agents and brokers, creating a variety of real estate content is a time-consuming, arduous task — akin to washing a floor with a toothbrush and running a marathon. What these professionals don’t realize, though, is they can cut their real estate content marketing time in half ...
 Goal-setting is just the first step in realizing real estate business success. Simply setting goals doesn’t automatically lead to results. Instead, many goals become just another item on the never-ending to-do list for agents, and year after year you’re left with the same shortfall on your origi...
by Elizabeth Christensen When we sat down with The Weiniger Group’s Judy Weiniger for a one-on-one interview about real estate content marketing, one thing became immediately clear: Not only does she prioritize creating and sharing engaging content on her website, but, when it comes to her niche ...
Chances are, if you’re like most agents, you have anywhere from a modest to a large number of real estate leads to manage and prioritize, and they’re coming to you across several different platforms. Before you start crunching the numbers, take a step back and think about how you actually manage ...

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