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We had heard the rumors. Their loan officers were knocking on our door, and in meetings with our owners. But today it became official: our biggest competitor is out of business. You might think it would be cause to jump for joy, but no. It is sad. It is scary. The mortgage crisis is costing peopl...
                                                                            "BUY LOW" is the classic advice for buying real estate.  But how low is low enough?  I say, a BETTER STRATEGY is to just BUY STUPID. Funny thing, you can get rich much faster being stupid.  Just ask Forrest Gump.When you ...
Caught in a time warp between their kids finally finishing college and their elderly parents needing help, is that huge bulge in the population known as THE BABYBOOMERS. Although it remains to be seen how their retirement will change the face of our economy, I can tell you one thing for certain: ...
 To all the Realtors out there who say this: "I would NEVER lease a car, because you don't OWN anything and you don't END UP with anything", I say this: YOU JUST DON'T GET IT. Let me first clear the air by answering this question: "Do I lease my car?" YES, OF COURSE. But this is not what qualifie...
Now, why would anyone be afraid of a little old adjustable rate loan, going up just a little bit, in just a little while? Well, one thing that was not mentioned in Michael Mape's blog today was what I call THE TRIPLE WHAMMY that occurs when an "interest only" loan adjusts. Here's how an adjustabl...
 They call them "Liar Loans". The politicians threw the book at them in Nevada this month.  And no mortgage meltdown rhetoric would be complete without mentioning this devil child of the real estate lending world: STATED LOANS.If the words unethical, dishonest, immoral or come to mind when you th...
 Today is my favorite day of the week. Tuesday is the day I go on broker tour to look at the new houses on the market. I call it getting my "FIX" because as much as I love being a mortgage broker, I also loved being a Realtor for several years before I jumped ship.So yes, I have an uncontrollable...

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