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Tomorrow is December, a month dedicated to the great American sport of SHOPPING. Yet even the most confident super-shoppers, the ones who know every angle and tactic to snag the best deals, crumple and hide when it comes to shopping for a mortgage. Either that, or they simply revert to something ...
After attending my first round of holiday parties this week I realized it isn't just us real estate geeks that have the mortgage crisis on our minds. People used to run the other way when I said I was in the car business. Now they seek me out with the following question: "What about this subprime...
Inspired by the discussion taking place about the current mortgage/foreclosure crisis, I pose the following question: What if we just did nothing? That's right. Nada. Zip. Zilch.No government intervention. Stop playing the blame game...   (what does it matter?) What would happen if we just plain ...
Mortgage brokers have been the whipping boys of the lending industry this year. Ouch, still stinging, still getting bad press. We're battered, we're bruised, but guess what? The real estate world needs smart, creative mortgage brokers more than they ever did before.Why? Because putting loans toge...
Here come the buyers. They have lurked in the shadows all year while the headlines screamed "MORTGAGE CRISIS". Mind, you, they have no idea WHAT a mortgage crisis is, but this much is clear:   Who wants to buy a house (which means getting a mortgage)  in the middle of a crisis?   Did "The Mortgag...
In response to the discussion about Realtors being "encouraged" to use their affiliated lender, I would ask this: What do you think happens in the Toyota dealership when you are ushered over to the finance department and walk out with a Toyota Motor Credit loan or lease? That's right, you have ju...
As I closed up the Sunday paper this morning, I felt more than a little sad. It was filled with a kind of desparation advertising for all things Christmas. Fifty-two days before Christmas and the commercial onslaught has begun. Is there anyone else out there that remembers when Christmas lasted o...
Before that nasty thing we call the mortgage crisis descended upon us, we mortgage brokers lived in simpler times. With so many lenders, and such broad guidelines, matching a borrower...(good credit.....bad credit....no credit!)... to a lender was pretty easy. No one thought much about credit sco...
As the year comes to a close, the mortgage crisis is taking on a different spin. Slowly, yet steadily, banks are closing their wholesale divisions. When this happens, a borrower must go into a bank and deal directly with a bank employee to get a mortgage. He will have no option to use his mortgag...

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