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Real Estate news and events affecting Michigan waterfront, lake, stream, and river property owners. We include angling, hunting, and boating reports for the outdoor enthusiasts. Lake quality information, enviromental and ecological issues affecting property owners. Feel free to ask any question.



In 2003 my wife and I downsized to a small lake. The home, septic, and well were inspected and no problems were discovered. "Yep, everything working fine"; we were told. Of course, on Thanksgiving Day,    with extra guests,    there was some bubbling crude - not oil that is - flowing in the front...
Congratulations Bay City, as of 8:12 pm March 26, 2007, you had the highest gas prices in Michigan. This price was reported by user "rpoppe" on MichiganGasPrices.com. Surprisingly, the lowest gas prices were in the Flint area, an hour away. Prices in Flint and Mount Morris were over 30 cents lowe...
 I swept off the dock yesterday, skimmed off the thin layer of remaining ice and was able to fish for about an hour. It was so nice, after a long spring without safe ice. Two kids, further down the lake, were out in a small boat pretending they were an Ice Breaker. The scene brought back lots of ...
  Think you're a safe boater? Take the practice test now. Go ahead I'll wait....... How'd ya do?   Score less than 70 percent? Take the Online Safety Course now. I don't want you to become a boating statistic. Nationwide, approximately 4000 people are injured or killed in boating accidents every ...
 Ross Perot once warned;  NAFTA will cause a "giant sucking sound" as jobs go south. Seems he was correct at least for S.E. Michigan. The synergistic effect of the global economy has intensified changes in our economy. Yes, I believe in global fair trade and yes, Michigan has also benefited from ...
 Waterfront homeowners are you inadvertently polluting your lake? I've spent most of my life treating point sources of pollution in the Great Lakes area. Illegal sewer connections, leaking septic systems, and runoff from lawns continue to be the top pollution sources of our lakes.Water quality co...
 Over the years, my eyes have been trained to look at homes from a buyer's perspective. Looking at homes in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) never ceases to amaze me. Today, for instance, I looked at 119 homes in the $200,000 to $300,000 range for a home buyer. Our MLS allows Realtors® to show ...
  My...we ARE living in interesting times!I would like everyone to be aware of recent activity affecting the mortgage industry.  According to recent articles I was able to find, at least 22 sub-prime lenders have declared bankruptcy and more have drastically cut back service.  In an article found...
 There are now several public websites where you can estimate the value of some homes in Michigan. All sites are in Beta (testing mode). I recommend taking some time to play around with these sites. Try it on your home or a family member's home. I do not believe any of these sites would give an a...
Attention All Ice Fishing EnthusiastsIce conditions are currently unsafe for most lower Michigan lakes. Please assist police in monitoring persons on the ice and look for anyone that has fallen through.Michigan requires all ice shanties be removed from waters during March. Those in southern lower...

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