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Plumbing, Foundation. Roof.  HVAC.  These are the big ticket items when you're doing a physical inspection on a potential investment property.  Most investors are part timers.  Most of us are somewhat good with our hands and know something about houses (we all live in houses, don't we?)  So three...
Here are some ideas to give your clients who investors wondering what they should do next.  Hold 'em?  Fold 'em?  Walk away?  Run?  Or double down, maybe...Well lots has been written on how our current soft market is hitting homeowners. But it’s not so easy to find anyone addressing the issue tha...
A reader who goes by the handle “Max” made a comment the other day that got me thinking. There’s a concept in pop business theory called the Peter Principle which states that managers tend to get promoted to their point of incompetence – taking on bigger and bigger responsibilities until they eve...
As investors we’re not out there spinning the roulette wheel; we’re looking at the underlying fundamentals and taking measured risks. That said, investors do need to take a view of the future in order to make decisions in real time – and BusinessWeek’s recent cover story gives the housing market ...

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