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Real estate is not just a business model, but something that I am passionated about. Education of my clients in the process of buying and selling properties is essential in repeat business.



I have a car magnetic on my vehicle for advertising my real estate company.  Several times while at the gas station, people have asked for directions, one person asked for mortgage broker referral, and one person asked about buying a house.All three individual I gladly assisted.  The buyer I give...
Wow, what a day!  I worked on a couple of BPOs or tried to.  The internet has been up and down all day.  Called AT&T on the DSL service connection only to find out that they are not having issues with service in my area.  Really?So, what seems to be the problem?  Well, let' look at your modem.  T...
Get in on the Ground-Floor of this rapidly growing and well hidden market, wih 15% of all homeowners in America who are currently delinquent on their house payment.  Foreclosure/Loss Mitigation Consulting is a business you can operate with low start-up cost from your home or office and start earn...
There are different types of ownership deeds you may receive as a real estate investor.  The types of ownership deeds are general warranty deed, sheriff's deed, quit claim deed, special warranty deed, tax deed, trustee deed, and certificate of title.It is important to understand that no matter wh...
Thinking of Becoming Real Estate Investor            Let's examine what you need to be concerned with if you want to invest in real estate?  First, you must understand your market.    There are two different types of market. One type of market is a seller's market, and the other type of market is...
The myths that people believe will save their homes from foreclosure are:ignoring itinvestorslisting with a realtorfiling bankruptcyrefinancingMyth 1 Ignoring the problemIgnoring the problem is definitely not the way to handle the dilemma of foreclosure.  Ignoring increases the chance of the home...
     3494 Rhode Island Gary, IN                                                                                          803 E 36th Pl Gary, IN Investor's Special for $9,000                                                                                           Investor's Special for $10,000   ...
Recently, I had someone that found value in the money merge account.  Their objections to completing the analysis wasthe price of the software.  The price is $3,500.00.  The price of the software is minimal compare to the savings that you have over the life of your loan.  The savings over the lif...
Criminal take most of their time coming up with the next scam.  Well, this one is no different.  In Chicago area, there is a scam where an inmate calls a citizen using a collect call.  Then, if the citizen accepts the call the inmate hijacks the citizen's phone number.  The basis of the scam is t...
So you like to help people? Well, if I could show you how to help people and make money at the same time, would you be interested? You can help clients, customers, and strangers save their homes by becoming a loss and mitigation counselor. LET'S SAVE OUR HOMES, ONE PERSON AT A TIME. HELP IS ON TH...

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