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Real estate is not just a business model, but something that I am passionated about. Education of my clients in the process of buying and selling properties is essential in repeat business.



  838 West 41st Avenue Gary, IN 46408 $59000 Price to sell.  Subject to short sale. Bring any reasonable offer.  This is a great starter home.  It has beautiful hardwood floor that would appeal to anyone.  It boast a nice size yard for those summer barbarques.  Come and take a look at this hidde...
With sky-rocketing gas prices, Indiana is slow to adopt ethanol as an alternative.  Amazing enough Indiana produces ethanol gas.  Indiana is rank 60th in production of ethanol according to an article in the Times newspaper.  Most of the surrounding states use ethanol gas to reduce cost for state ...
$2000 - $3000 per month potential income No experience Needed - Full Training Provided Work Toward Ownership - Part Time/Full Time Please contact Serena At 219 803 4489 This company has the potential to catapult you to $50,000 over the next 12 months.  If you are interested in an interview for th...
Did you know that if you are behind on your mortgage due to adjustable rate increase you could get refinanced out of the trouble and there is no limit to the number of months you are late.  This loan will be at 97.75% of the maximum loan to value.  There is no minimum credit score.  You will not ...
Wow, is Indiana catching up with the rest of the United States.  Indiana is looking into paying out unemployment benefits with free direct deposit and debit cards.  The state is looking to be able to accomplish this for the client through a phone call to transfer funds from their debit card accou...
Did you know that County Councilman Larry Blanchard conducted a tax evaluation of East Chicago and discovered that it takes $1,470 for every man, woman, and child that lives in East Chicago to run the city.  Wow, you may say.  Councilman Blanchard may this alerting discover when he took the $47.6...
Recently, Rep Brown joined homeowners in their plight to determine why Lake County taxpayers received a zero check for their tax rebate.  According to an article in the Times newspaper, the Lake County auditor was following orders from the state auditor.  Lake County Auditor, Peggy Holinga Katona...
This is an exciting opportunity for me.  I have a commercial on CBS.  I am a featured agent on the new marketing campaign for CBS 2 MLS marketing.   Visit www.tvmlsexperts.com/Chicago/Serena_N_BrownTaylorBrown_Real_Estate This marketing campaign was an effort by CBS to help or change the image th...
The rebate checks that many taxpayers received in Lake County Indiana was as a results of Indiana General Assembly property tax relief, but many of the check were for zero dollars.  When Lake County Auditor's office was asked why they stated that the property owners already received "their tax br...
Over the last couple of days, a business associate and I went on a trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL.  We left at the last minute at 3:30 pm to be at the first set of meeting starting at 12:00 noon on Thursday.  Needless to say, we did not make the first set of meeting.  We had problem with the vehicle...

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