You are here: Home / Upcoming Listings Upcoming Listings All of  these properties will be completely remodeled and Turnkey.  Please do not show the properties until they are in the market.  You can drive by but Don’t disturb the construction team.     We will accept offers.  If you have any que...
Real Estate       HOT Sheet! Earn Big Bonus – All of our listings are “Turnkey”– Standard Sales – Fast Response     OUR PROPERTIES UPCOMING LISTINGS HOLD AN OPEN HOUSE JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST CONTACT US                   Our entire lists of homes are STANDARD Sales Solaria Realty works with local or...
Solaria Realty Welcomes 2012 Solaria Realty’s inventory of Nonprofit Corporate owned homes has steadily grew throughout 2011 and we are excited to announce that we have over 50 completely rehabbed and beautified listings hitting the market in or around January and February of 2012. Most all of ou...
      Solaria Realty and Our Changing Housing Market   Solaria Realty and Our Changing Housing Market   In the past several years our Housing Markets here in the United States and California have changed drastically.  Solaria Realty has been a front runner in adapting to these changes by helping ...
  Solaria Realty, Helping to Increase the Stability of Our Neighborhoods       Solaria Realty believes in giving back to our local neighborhoods and communities.  By helping families purchase turnkey key homes and aiding them through nonprofit educational courses on homeownership Solaria Realty p...
  Southern California Real Estate and Solaria Realty   The Southern California Real Estate market is an ever changing market full of opportunities.  As the markets were on an epic rise before the end of 2006 things quickly changed and the next few years after they were on an epic crash.  Over the...
  Solaria Realty, Is it the Time to Buy?   No matter the market it seems would be home buyer’s number one question is usually “Is it time to buy?”  Realtors and agents all over can give different answers to this question, however we here at Solaria Realty always answer that question the same way ...
  Solaria Realty takes its mission statement very seriously:   “Solaria Realty’s mission is to increase the stability of our neighborhoods by promoting successful home ownership. We achieve our goals by creating innovative affordable housing opportunities to low-to-moderate income borrowers by pa...

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