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Purpose of this blog is to: 1) Share the Colorado Experience 2) Educate
It's Sunday night, July 13.  Another weekend has come to a close.   Time is flying.   Have you been thinking about selling your home?   If so, maybe you should call your Realtor this week.   While not all real estate markets are the same, the market has improved in many areas.   In many areas, th...
Garden of the Gods.  I'm not sure if I should label Garden of the Gods as a fun thing to do or as a MUST SEE.   Actually, I think I would label the Garden of the Gods as the one MUST see if someone is visiting Colorado Springs and short on time.   I have yet to meet anyone who regrets having at l...
The Denver Botanic Gardens are  lovely place to visit.  However, Dale Chihuly’s glass sculpture exhibit that is spread out over the 24 acre grounds offers an entirely different level of enchantment.    The glass sculptures are so well coordinated into the gardens, I initially thought they were a ...
Fun things to do in Colorado this weekend:  Colorado Renaissance Festival Step back in time to the magical Renaissance period….. Dress up even though it isn’t Halloween.  (Costumes are available for rent at the fair.)   Or don’t dress up.  I didn’t.   Enjoy the food.  The ever changing sights.  T...
This month Donna Foerster has challenged us to think about how we give back to our communities via her contest, "What Have You Done to Make a Difference in Your Community."   In addition to staying informed about what is going on my community/city and voting, I regularly engage in various volunte...
Repayment of the First-Time Home Buyer Credit   Many of us have heard about the “low inventory” problem.    This problem is not in the high end/luxury market.    My theory is that the low inventory problem may be related, in part, to concerns related to the repayment of the First Time Home Buyer ...
What make a blog or newsletter a MUST read?   Earlier this week, I noticed that I haven’t seen any updates in my email box from my favorite blog – Photography for Real Estate.   I went to the website and saw that I missed several posts.  It turns out that somehow, my spam filter decided that they...
This morning Larry Lohrman's Photography for Real Estate blog post was, "How Far Woud You Go To Clean Up for A Real Estate Photoshoot?"   A picture from a video clip is shown.  Someone, I don't know if it was the photographer or the real estate agent, was cleaning up a huge pile of dog poop that ...
As a real estate broker, photographer and lover of flowers and gardens, I have always admired Roy Kelley.  On his blog, Roy consistently shares information about his area and/or real estate.  He almost always includes one or more gorgeous flower photographs.    I origionally tried calling Roy as ...
  Do you have any large sick trees in your yard?  If so, you need to have them removed as possible if they can't be "fixed."  This has been a hard blog to post because of the guilt that I felt.   Someone could have been killed because I didn't want to cut down a large tree in my backyard that was...

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