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Good Morning,   We will keep this one short and sweet.  Rates have creeped up slightly since last week.  As we have discussed the impending rate rise coming later this year, here is another article explaining what is occurring.   Rates: 30 year fixed at 5.00% and the 15 year at 4.375%.   Have a ...
Good Morning     Interest rates this week have held steady unlike my hands after a few mugs of coffee…not that my caffeine intake has anything to do with interest rates.   So, where is housing going in this climate?  According to Fortune, they feel that prices will continue to drop another 5% or...
Good Morning     So, is a mixture of heat and ice the best battle plan for fighting ‘shoveler’s back’?  I survived the battle but several friends haven’t been as fortunate.   As we talked about briefly last week, rates are teetering back and forth in their minimal levels, the biggest change came...
Good Morning     Interest rates seem to have a tenuous hold today as you will see the Fifteen year fixed is creeping up from last week. Although we won’t see a big change over the next month or two, the date is fast approaching when the Federal Bank’s $1.3 Trillion program to keep interest rates...

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