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Good Morning,   I came across an article I got a kick out of today about couples etiquette for money.  I think the part that I found funniest about this is the need for multiple specific examples when the answer is the same, communication. That’s the part I agree with wholeheartedly both in and ...
Good Morning,   I came across a good article today from Fortune magazine about the low interest rates.  It does a good job of broaching a part of the issue with homeowner’s and their ability to refinance in this current mortgage climate.  While the restrictions to get approved are a large part o...
Good Afternoon,   Different week, same story, rates are holding low and there doesn’t seem to be any major reason on the immediate horizon as to if and when they may go up. The one really big news that came out this week was the Federal Reserve’s outlook on the economy and their belief that the ...
Good Morning,   Interest rates have held steady since last week. Even with economic reports and data coming out that would normally swing the market one way or another, it is almost as if traders are becoming numb to the emotional shifts and not reacting as dramatically as they have in the past....

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