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Good morning! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  Shannon and I hosted both of our families again in what was a very bittersweet holiday.  My grandmother passed unexpectedly the week prior so it was more a celebration of her and helping comfort my grandfather who was lucky enough t...
Good afternoon! With no major news or reports this week we’ll keep this one short and sweet.  Keep in mind with any clients, friends or family you have out there that are currently looking to buy or refinance that as a broker we have a lot more flexibility to ensure they are getting the lowest ra...
Good morning, Europe, Europe, Europe.  Last week we touched on fears about Italy and now it seems that the rest of the world is following suit with a strong Market Reaction to Italy’s current financial position. The newer fear is that France is strongly leveraged in Italian Bonds, so we may be he...
Good morning, Again, we’re seeing fear in Europe over Greece’s finances and now Italy’s.  Somehow I don’t think organizing a nationwide vacation over to either place is going to change their financial situation enough to really help.  Although those are the two places I would love to spend the ma...

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NMLS # 366970
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