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Good Morning,   I hope everyone is doing what they can to stay cool, or on vacation…swimming somewhere on a forecasted 99 degree day.    Once again, rates are holding steady from last week and this got me thinking a little. When I first got into the mortgage industry 10 years ago, interest rates ...
Good Afternoon,   Rates are continuing to dip even further right now and it appears that we may see them hold at these lows even longer with the Federal Reserve’s statement today stating that they will be extending Operation Twist.     Click on the links for more a much more extensive explanation...
Good Morning,   Once again, rates are staying at tremendous lows but I want to spend today’s update briefly touching on something I go over with each of my clients when refinancing, namely, does it make sense to refinance at the lowest rate you can get?  The answer: Sometimes but not always. Ther...