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Yes, this can be delivered for loan amounts up to $729k ($1,041,400 purchase price max), 25% down payment minimum OO, 35% NOO, minimum nine (9) months reserves required. Your next question is, what credit score? No score required, good explanation for derogatory information with all items cleaned...
A new program available to help you help your sellers and potential buyers! If you have a seller who has expectations of what their home is worth and they are not ready to move from that number, then our program is for you. Are you anxious these days when it comes to the appraisals? You are not a...
.. I posted before about not worrying about HVCC as I Am able to use my own appaiser in some instances. I have revceived a few messages asking about getting values which are not there. Please know that if the values are not properly supported, then they are not there. I use appraisers who know th...
If you are wroking with clients 62+, it could be. The ultimate 'No Doc' and quick closing loan (generally within 15 business days)! Credit never an issue (not score driven), debt ratios never an issue, No income disclosure.... no worries! The buyer only needs down payment and closing costs. Works...
New Home Value Code of Conduct appraisal got you reeling and your deals dying in NJ or PA? Your mortgage person cannot help you on it? Tired of having appraisers who do not know your market place make an evaluation without solid support?   Please give me a call to help out.. If the package is all...
Hello agents, having difficulty closing your FHA loans in a reasonable time frame? Well, I Am here to help. I can guaranttee that your clients will close within 25 business days, from a lender stand point, or my fees are credited back at closing. Just think, NO HVCC to worry about, for the most p...
... at 5.875% with 1% origination fee.. Are your borrowers getting this rate? Yes, it will be higher for those with less than perfect credit, just around 6.375%+. This is full doc too.. If your client needs a No Income No Asset loan, they are still available too. With credit scores as low as 610 ...
I may be able to help you help them to stay in their home! With the opportunity of getting a reverse mortgage, they can possibly buy out the foreclosure and stay in their home! The only payments required of them will be HOA, insurance, property taxes and home maintenance. Heck, even if they are n...
... Then introduce them to Samuel Stovall and the world of Reverse Mortgages! They are possibly eligible to purchase that new home using this product which was originally for refinances! No credit and No income Qualifying and No monthly payments for a mortgage... generally, the only payments requ...
If you have clients with scores under 619, I can provide them with FHA purchase loans with scores down to 500! Streamine refi's with scores to 580 and NO mortgage lates in the last 18 months. Please note that all FHA criteria still applies.   Have a deal that needs to be saved, please contact me ...

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