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Today's market is anything but stale. National home sales price for Existing homes is up 8.7% over the the past twenty-four months. Tarrant county Existing homes sale prices have increased by over 13% over the past twenty-four months. The overall reason is the lack of inventory.Considering May, J...
Written by Blanche Evans                                       You already know the smart way to sell your home is through a real estate professional, but you may not realize how much your agent really does for you. A real estate practitioner is licensed and regulated by the state to sell real es...
Are you a resident of Fort Worth TX? Do you own or live in a home that was built prior to 1994? Fort Worth wants to to help you save money while saving our presious water resorces. Click the link below to see if you qualify for a FREE toilet upgrade. You will also find other helpful links to help...
Tarrant County Sifting Housing Market......... A good thing or not? Let’s begin by looking at the actual data pulled from the local MLS. - Median Sales Price +8.5% - Average List Price +6.5% - Pending Home Sales +13.6% - Closed Home Sales +16.8% Current Inventory: - Current Homes for Sale -20.7% ...
I attended a meeting yesterday and as in most cases we had a guest speaker. This speaker is a well respected attorney for a large title company, and I learned an interesting fact......... He told us that when a "Non US Citizen" sells property in the states that the "Buyer" could be responsible fo...
In my market like many others; We are moving into a "sellers market". What I don't understand is listing agents that: Raise the price showing the price increase in the same MLS number. Cancel the listing after several months then raise the sales price. Sellers hiring a new agent and that new agen...
Recently while working a contract with my buyer/client it occurred to me how setting the tone is as important and sometimes more important than the contract itself.   Now I am no attorney or contract expert, however I am from the school of taking care of “Job #1”; your client and the “principles ...
What are these so called "White Lies"? As a child my Mother taught me lying was wrong, that not telling the truth was/is a character flaw and a sign of low moral standard. As I got a bit older, I began to understand that some lies, while still lies, are not all bad. Protecting someone from gettin...
Keeping all email and text messages before, during and after is in everyones best interest. "Under Texas law, the requirements for a valid contract are: (1) an offer; (2) an acceptance in strict compliance with the terms of the offer; (3) a meeting of the minds ”meeting of the minds” is actually ...
Tarrant County Median Sales prices going up. After two years of basic "flatling" sale prices; Tarrant is on the upswing by over 6% with all signs indicating a continual increase.  Coupled with inventory being down by over 30%; This is a perfect time to get top dollar for your property. What goes ...

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