Most people think of Branson when the Table Rock Lake topic comes to mind. So it would amaze most people to find out that there is more property on that lake available in Galena and Reeds Spring than Branson.  Another thing about this area, the prices are a lot more affordable for the average ret...
Real Estate is recovering it's value and moving much better already in this new year.  People have realized that the media had slowed things down for awhile but not changed anything really.   There is only so much real estate available and it is still the best investment, on the long term scale a...
My first visit to Reeds Spring gave me such a different perspective of the community than I now have that it is easy to see why people do not realize what a gem of the Ozarks this area really is.  Bypassed by the new US Hwy 13 route to Branson West, the town has adjusted and is making a great rec...

Steve Mattison

Vietnam Veteran