Mr Mayor, Ms Stanton, and Commissioners,          I am writing to you today to express my outrage and disgust at the free spending of cash in this town. Lake Worth from all accounts has no money to spend but yet you voted to spend quite a large amount of money on something that no resident I have...
I agree with every thing in this blog post. It is a great read. Every bank executive should be reading this instead of sitting around and raking in the hard earned bucks of the folks they pillaged over the last few years!! Thanks Linda.This is NOT a post about the causes of the real estate market...
WOW... I just read a great article that talks about some Florida HOA's barring access to common areas and even electronic gates from their delinquent members. I have to say that I am in favor of some of this. It states that some are even turning off the key fobs and other devices that open gates ...
     I just read a Featured Blog entry from Jeff Dowler at Carlsbad Real Estate in Southern California. It was entitled No Email? No Website? Are You Kidding? It got me to thinking...      I have every piece of contact information I can think of on my business card. It seems to me that, in this e...
So... It seems that Americans who are currently working are less afraid to spend their hard earned cash! This is great news to everyone. Especially those who derive their living from sales.  Hopefully this means they will begin buying homes again. Recent news reports say that Fed Chairman Ben Ber...

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