congress: Simple Idea For Postal Savings - 04/30/12 10:54 AM
The Senate last week passed a spending bailout bill to keep post office workers on the job and keep outmoded and unnecessary facilities open. The House is not likely to support it.
On May 15th, a moratorium on office and facility closings will expire.
Each year we hear about dumping more and more money into a failed postal system and new new ideas for fixing it. So I have an idea. Actually I have more than one, but here's a sensible one.
First, rid the fleet of half the vehicles. They will no longer be needed.
Second, keep the current number … (22 comments)

congress: 36 Weeks & Counting - 02/28/12 04:26 PM
36 weeks from today, we return a Republican majority to the House, elect a new Republican majority in the Senate and choose a new President - too early to tell how that may turn out. Arizona and Michigan vote today on the Republican challenger to the President. Next Tuesday is "Super Tuesday."
Congress is an easy call. The White House is usually a tough call anyway, and the incumbent has an advantage. At any rate, the next many weeks will see lots of ads, debates, and posturing.

For more information on my coaching and educational programs and … (18 comments)

congress: Still In The Dark On Jobs - 12/17/11 09:27 AM
The reversal on the light bulb ban that I reported on was possibly a hallow victory.
Congress - let's get it right - the GOP-led House - included a compromise provision in the 1200-page spending bill that prohibits the Obama administration from enforcing the current ban passed in 2007 until September, 2012. All they did was allow bulbs to be sold for nine more months. This does not create one more manufacturing job in this country.
There are a couple (not really sure how many) of smaller companies that still manufacture bulbs in the US. GE manufactures some bulbs in Mexico … (18 comments)

congress: Vote Down Balanced Budget Amendment - 11/17/11 05:56 PM
The House will vote on the balanced budget amendment to the Constitution tomorrow as scheduled. It needs 290 votes to pass and is not expected to get them. That's fine with me. It shouldn't pass.
Why do I say this? Am I for more spending? Absolutely not. I'd slash the the current spending so that there was blood figuratively flowing from the Capitol. That's how you control spending - not with a meaningless and unenforceable amendment.
The Constitution has been amended 27 times - 11 from the the Bill of Rights (yes 11, not the 10 that you might have been … (12 comments)

congress: Harry Reid Blinked - 09/27/11 03:51 PM
Even though Harry Reid said that the GOP sponsored and passed House bill that extends the government past Friday would be DOA at the Senate and that he would make sure that it never passed, he agreed to it and got it done. The bickering and media circus that everyone had prepared and was lining up to wtach later this week has been averted.
At issue was funding the FEMA and cutting some other programs. For now, it's still in the bill that was sent to the President.
Of course, as we head into the last 3 days of FY 11 … (20 comments)

congress: Most Of The US Senate Is Irrelevant - 09/23/11 10:34 AM
Most of the US Senate - that would be 99 members of it - are irrelevant and unnecessary. We should send them all home until January of 2013.
Harry Reid is the only Senator that matters. He is running the Senate as if he is the only member, and in fact, he appears to be.
Time after time, he promises that bills passed by the GOP House - often with broad based bipartisan support or cross-over voting from both parties - will be defeated as soon as they arrive at the Senate. And he sees to it that he keeps his … (18 comments)

congress: Congress Is More Dysfunctional Than Ever - 08/14/11 12:25 PM
As Americans and as small business owners and operators, we should be appalled at the lack of leadership we are receiving from Congress and the direction this body seems to be taking the country. Creating a 12 member joint commission with many of the big spenders who have created the issues we have right now have been appointed to this body. Why should we expect any new direction?
Complain as hard and as loud as you want about the "Tea Party" but if it wasn't for their sanity, we would have a single "A" bond rating by now and a debt … (24 comments)

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