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I had not seen this one before....... COMMITMENT COP-OUTS---people who have no goals and do not commit. HOLD-OUTS--people who don't know if they can reach their goals and are afraid to commit. DROP-OUTS--people who start toward a goal but quit when the going gets tough. ALL-OUTS--people who set g...
I see the stock market managed to climb it's way over the 11,000 mark after spending a night under it. These are just crazy times--companies that are icons of American business crashing left and right. Average Joe is seeing his home equity disappear (or access to it), his 401K is melting like an ...
When you are out of town, how many times have you stopped in a real estate office to introduce yourself? I have to say more often than not I get busy and it doesn't get done but just think of the possibilities! There is a chance to make a face-to-face contact with someone and get a idea of what t...
Friday it started. I got an email from a lender informing us that their FHA rates had dropped to 6.00%, a drop of .50%. Yesterday more emails and phone calls as other lenders followed suit. That alone should get some buyers of the fence. Now add in the $7500 tax credit and if that doesn't get you...
My mom turns 80 this week and it reminded me of the birthday cards that tell what happened and how much things cost in a persons birth year. Do you remember when candy bars were a nickel, and a bottle of pop was a dime? Soft serve ice cream cones were a nickel or a dime, bubble gum was a penny. M...
Now it's official. Oklahoma City's NBA team is nicknamed the Thunder. I like it--for one thing it's unique among team nicknames. The only other team I know of that makes use of "thunder" in a nickname  happens to be connected to a school I attended, the Marshall University Thundering Herd" which ...
Acouple of days ago in one of my posts, I lamented the fact that some people don't like us very well. In response to that, here are 10 reasons sellers should show us some us some love. 10.  You don't buy the sign, we provide it. 9.   We take the phone calls. 8.   We work with pre-qualified client...
Mega Camp is over for another year and I have to say the tech session on Wednesday morning was the grand finale. As far as I'm concerned that in itself was worth the whole trip. One of the most interesting aspects was the panel discussion that included the advertising director from the NY Times, ...
Day 2 was a short day for me as the Mega Agent Camp ended at noon and I didn't go to the Commercial presentation this afternoon. Today featured Mark Zupan (paralymics participant) and Grammy award winning guitar player Larry Carlton. Both of these guys experienced devastating injuries but came th...
Good morning. Well, this is the mornng of day 2, I was just too tired last night to put any coherent thoughts rogether. This is my first Mega Camp but certainly won't be my last. The topics have been timely, the panel discussions excellent, Gary's new book "Shift" is a must, I'm meeting a lot of ...

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